If You Eat This Healthy Snack, You Can Kiss Your Junk Food Cravings Goodbye

A study focusing on junk food cravings found a very specific solution to that yearning desire to crack open a bag of doodles.

junkfoodbalabolka/ShutterstockEverybody has that one junk food crutch. Maybe it’s Hot Fries. Maybe it’s Oreos (Science has discovered the perfect dunk duration, by the way). Or maybe it’s walnuts.

Actually, for the purposes of this post, it’s not walnuts. 

You do not have junk food cravings for walnuts.

Good? Good.

But walnuts are the solution! 

A new study in Diabetes, Obesity, and Metabolism, has cut to the nut of your junk food craving problem. Researchers recruited 10 obese adults for two five-day study sessions. In the first interval, participants were given a smoothie containing 48 grams of walnuts each day, in the second interval, the participants received a smoothie sans-nuts.

During the first session, participants reported feeling less hungry. Additionally, they were subjected to MRI scans while also viewing photos of desirable junk foods, and the segment of their brain which is linked to regulating hunger was particularly active during the test.

During the session with the non-nut smoothie, participants had lower brain activity in that area and reported feeling greater hunger.

As with many studies, keep in mind the stakeholders—this research was backed by funding from the California Walnut Commission. So if you want to keep your ethics clean, maybe just pick up some of these nuts instead—after all, they do wonders for your cholesterol!

[Source: Men’s Health]

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