Video: Funny Food Competitions

Grab a napkin: Pie-eating contests may make for fun food competition at the county fair, but these contest pros take it to a whole new level.

While most brides try to slim down before their big day, these scarfed down as much wedding cake as they could to compete for a $25,000 prize. (Two words: Dry cleaning.)

At the International Hot Dog-Eating Championship at Coney Island, it’s a dog eat (hot) dog world as competitors chow down.

At the World Nettle-Eating Championship in Cornwall, England, brave individuals battle to see who can eat the most stingers in one hour. Ouch!

One pound of bacon slices up 75 slices of bacon (that’s one whole pound!) in under five minutes? These folks at a bacon eating contest in Indiana tried to, along with the aid of some good ole fashioned beer to wash their sodium splattered helpings down.

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