Are You Vacuuming Your Carpet Often Enough?

Dirt is probably damaging your carpet more than you think.

Vacuuming is good for your carpet

Dirt—even dirt you can’t see—is abrasive. So when you walk across a dirty carpet, dirt particles grind away at the fibers. The result is carpet that looks dull, stains easier, and soon becomes matted down. That’s why regular vacuuming is the best way to maximize the life of your carpet and delay the heavy cost of replacement. Your house is full of all sorts of places you aren’t vacuuming, but should be. If you live in a home without a vacuum cleaner, these at-home carpet cleaning remedies are for you. 

If you want to keep your vacuum and your carpet in mint condition, you need to take care of both. You can do this by always wrapping the cord, detangling the brushes, and avoiding these 13 other things that shorten the life of your vacuum. Here are some more vacuum smarts to follow.

Vacuum smarts:

  • Vacuum often. Vacuum entrance areas and high-traffic areas twice a week and the rest of the carpeting at least weekly.
  • Set the height right. Raise the vacuum to its highest setting, turn it on, and lower it until you can feel the vacuum trying to tug itself forward.
  • Slow down. It’s OK to make one quick pass over low-traffic areas, but make two slow passes over high-traffic areas to get as much grit as possible.
  • Use clean filters and bags. A dirty bag or filter reduces your vacuum’s cleaning power. Replace filters on bagless vacuums every three months. Replace vacuum bags when they’re three-quarters full.
  • Don’t vacuum everything. Yes, vacuums are quick ways to clean, but you should not use them to clean coffee grounds, wet foods.

A quality vacuum cleaner should be versatile enough to clean a variety of surfaces and durable enough to perform well for many years. You might want to invest in a more expensive model. These are what we believe are the most dependable vacuum cleaners you’ll be glad you bought. And if you need to get rid of unsightly carpet stains, here are some of the best carpet stain removers.

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