Oh, No! This Airline Is Taking Away Some Major Flying Perks for Passengers

You may be moaning and groaning about less leg space right now, but just wait until these new policies go into effect.

If you’re thinking about spending a few extra bucks on a first class ticket, we have some bad news. You might not be getting everything you bargained for.

United Airlines has decided to make a few cuts to its menu for first class fliers, Inc.com reports. A user on FlyerTalk gave the scoop on what you can (and can’t!) expect.

For starters, passengers on a flight that’s less than three hours long will no longer be able to munch on breakfast breads in their first class seats. What’s more, menu choices will include just two cold options for lunch—as opposed to a hot and a cold option—and one hot and one cold option for dinner, instead of the former two hot options. (By the way, if you ever see a pilot and co-pilot eat the same thing on a flight, here’s why you should be worried.)

Should your flight last between three and four hours, you’ll also only have one hot meal option for dinner rather than two. And if your continental flight is between four and five and a half hours long, you will also have only one hot option for dinner. On the longest non-transcontinental flights, ice cream will be replaced with “pre-plated” desserts, the user said.

After these cuts, you might want to switch over to flying with the best airline in the world. But put away your pitchforks for now; some speculate that these little changes may be a result of dropping prices for first class seats, making them a bit more affordable (and easier on your wallet!) Plus, there’s an important reason why you should never, ever eat airplane food in the first place—and it’s not because it tastes bad.

[Source: Inc.com]

Brooke Nelson
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