The 3 Ingredients You Need to Make Your Nails Grow Super Fast

This DIY trick to making your nails grow faster couldn’t be easier—or cheaper!

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Long, gorgeous nails aren’t necessarily made in a nail salon. In fact, there are plenty of reasons to avoid the professional mani/pedi altogether. Acrylics are pricey and can damage your nails, and the toxins from nail polish can do some scary things to your body, too.

As for growing out your nails au natural? That often seems like a pipe dream, especially for habitual nail biters and those with brittle nails. (These everyday habits are ruining your nails, too.) Thankfully, you don’t have to be blessed with flawless nails to have a manicure you’re proud of.

Yes, really! All you need is this simple trick from YouTube beauty blogger Ela Gale. Using only three ingredients, you can make your nails grow faster and considerably stronger in just a few weeks. And not only will this all-natural idea save your wallet, but it’s also super easy.

Here’s how it works: In two small bowls, mix together ½ cup of orange juice and one clove of crushed garlic. Then, soak your fingers in the mixture for 15 minutes. Pour out the bowls and fill them with ¼ cup of olive oil, soaking your fingers for another five to 10 minutes. Wash your hands to clear away the leftover residue. Once you get this simple, natural beauty trick down, here’s how to file your nails so they never peel or break again.

Voila! After doing this twice a week, you’ll start to see longer, stronger nails in no time. Just don’t forget the 14-step process to getting healthy and gorgeous nails while you’re at it.

[Source: Tip Hero]

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