The Top-Secret Airline You Never Knew Existed

There are well over 400 airlines in the world—but there's definitely one American carrier that you've never heard of.

Chris Parypa Photography/shutterstock

Whether it’s for the sake of business, the sake of rewards points, or the sake of habit, everyone probably has a preferred airline. Many airline passengers enjoy the likes of Delta, United, or Southwest—but for a select set of government workers in Nevada, their airline of choice might just be JANET.

You won’t encounter JANET on any old KAYAK inquiry because it’s allegedly a top-secret government airline commuter shuttle. JANET has a fleet of 11 aircrafts based out of Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport and their sole purpose is to bring government workers to the cryptic Area 51 military base 150 miles north of the Strip. According to Business Insider, JANET is possibly an acronym for Joint Air Network for Employee Transportation, but there is no government confirmation of this name. Find out the 10 other things the government doesn’t want you to know about Area 51

A quick glance at a JANET plane might not stimulate any cause for suspicion; six of them are the common Boeing 737-600 model still frequently used in commercial air travel. Each plane is white with a simple red trim. But you won’t just see them taxiing next to any old Spirit flight; they take off from the Gold Coast Terminal, a cordoned-off section of the airport solely dedicated to JANET.

JANET planes are primarily used for travel between Las Vegas and Area 51, but according to the Telegraph, they have been used on flights to Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, and Edwards Air Force Base in California. Now that you know about this top-secret airline, check out these 10 secret U.S. government operations that were recently revealed

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