21 Times Video Conference Calls Went Hilariously Wrong

Video conferencing is new to a lot of us, and that means there are bound to be incidents. At least we can all laugh at ourselves!

Now that the entire world is attempting to conduct their business from the comfort of their homes using Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or a number of other video conferencing apps, we’re bound to run into some glitches. There are plenty of etiquette rules you can now ignore because of coronavirus. But refraining from using the toilet, for example, during a video call with your boss is a professional behavior that’s definitely still firmly in place. Now, get ready to have a hearty chuckle at these video conferencing fails. New to the remote work life? You’ll definitely need to know these 13 golden rules for working from home.

Senior spring has set in for all of us.


Around the world, we’re all feeling the struggle.


One man’s embarrassment has provided a lot of smiles in such an uncertain time.

Conference call mistakes can cross international borders, too.


YouTube is really cracking down on the local Pre-K crime syndicates.


Sometimes, you can definitely lay the blame on Zoom.


Even when you’ve got everything under control, your quarantine buddies might not.


Even well planned out webinars aren’t safe.


We’re just trying to work hard here.


Maybe the joy of bananas is what we all need to bring us closer together at the end of the day.


We like bananas, too!

It’s not just us employees who are facing hard times on these video chats.


Honestly? We’re just glad our ears don’t hear as well as our computer’s microphones.


We may be at home, but that doesn’t mean we should feel right at home.


Or maybe you just need an updated, working from home wardrobe. We’ve got you covered. Here are 15 stylish tops to wear for your next video call.

 Please, please don’t do this.


Make sure you double, triple, maybe even quadruple check that invitation list. Just in case.


If you learn nothing else today, pay attention to this.

Take a deep breath, and check out these funny work cartoons that will help get you through the week instead of focusing on that news bomb.

We miss you, office, we really, really do.

At the end of the day, we all know who the real stars of quarantine have been.

Love this? You definitely need these funny photos of cats “working from home” in your life.

Or maybe our pets are getting quite literally sick of us…

AI has decided to be helpful during this trying time.

Just remember, you can always set a stock photo of a beautifully kept megamansion as your background.

This new world of video conferencing has been hard on all of us. Videos like this one remind us that we’re all in it together.

It’s completely OK to laugh. Start with our funniest jokes of all time, and please, please remember these people before you hop on your next video conference call.

Isabel Roy
Isabel Roy is a former newsletter editor at Reader’s Digest who writes and reports on home, culture and general interest stories. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin La Crosse in 2017 with a B.A. in Rhetoric and Writing.