This Genius Hack Will Change the Way You Butter Movie Theater Popcorn

This viral TikTok hack shows how to evenly distribute the butter in a bucket of movie theater popcorn. You'll need a straw—and good aim.

It’s the right time of year to see what iconic summer blockbusters the theater has in store—we can’t wait to see comedy movies and plenty of other films. (After a long hiatus from theatergoing, no less!) But honestly, we’re also pretty excited about a trip to the concession stand for an Icee and a bucket of buttery popcorn. For many film fans, popcorn is a more rewarding treat than what’s showing on the screen. But there’s one small hiccup: The popcorn buckets are so deep that salty movie theater butter doesn’t make its way to all the kernels.

Fortunately, one TikTok creator has a solution.

How to butter movie theater popcorn

This TikTok hack only works at theaters where you’re allowed to butter your own popcorn. If the concession worker does it for you, you’re going to have to ask them to layer the butter as they shovel in the popcorn. A little popcorn, a little butter, a little more popcorn, a little more butter…ahh, evenly distributed butter perfection.

But if your theater allows moviegoers free access to the butter pump, here’s what to do, according to TikTok user @colleenlepp.

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In a video that’s already been watched by millions, she puts a plastic drinking straw in the middle of her popcorn bucket, lines it up with the butter pump, and pushes the dispenser. The golden goodness flows right into the straw! You can then move the straw around to distribute butter to different areas of the popcorn.

“It takes a minute lining it up, but once you do, you are good to go,” Colleen says, adding that her aunt taught her the trick when she was little and she’s used it ever since. The hack was also featured on an episode of Netflix’s Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, as some TikTok commenters pointed out.

This is what makes movie theater popcorn different from the stuff you pop at home.

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