This Company Wants to Install Microchips in Employees—No, We’re Not Kidding

This might cross a line.

You do the pat down—phone, keys, wallet. OK, time for lunch. After an underwhelming Caprese sandwich from the cafeteria (who puts iceberg in a Caprese?), you try to return to your desk, but come to realize that you never checked for your ID card before taking your break. It sits on the other side of the glass, laughing at you through the pane.

A company in Wisconsin wants its employees to never have this problem again. That same company in Wisconsin wants to accomplish this goal by installing a microchip in all of its employees.

In-a-Totally-Non-Invasive-Move,-Company-Moves-to-Install-Microchips-in-Employees Bluskystudio/shutterstock

Come again?

Three Square Market has just announced a new company program which would involve installing microchips in between the thumb and forefinger of each one of its employees, for convenience-sake.

The grain of rice-sized device would allow employees to log in to computers, make quick digital payments, and access different sections of the building with a simple flick of the wrist.

The chip surgery takes a few minutes, and the device itself runs the company $300. The program is voluntary, and is set to begin on August 1st when Three Square Market is holding a “chipping party.”

Celebrating becoming cyborgs at work probably is still better than being replaced by robots at work, though.

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