Over 40,000 People Have Viewed This 3-Ingredient Cookie Recipe

These will be gone so fast, you'll want to make more than one batch—but don't worry, this recipe is easy peasy!

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Imagine the scene: you’ve got guests coming over for dinner, and you forgot to whip up a treat for dessert. Well, there’s no need to panic or shoot over to the grocery store—you probably have all of the ingredients you need to make this buttery shortbread cookie recipe. In under 40 minutes, you can make a sweet treat that even your pickiest relatives will like. Originating in Scotland, shortbread cookies are an easy classic involving just three main ingredients: butter, sugar, and flour. Just add this quick recipe to the list of kitchen shortcuts you’ll wish you knew sooner.

Not convinced yet? The data speaks for itself: 41,000 people have clicked on the recipe from our sister site Taste of Home since January 2019. Over half of the reviews give exceedingly high praise for this test kitchen-approved cookie. “My grandmother who was born in Scotland made hers with powdered sugar, flour, and butter,” says one reader, Lani, in the reviews. “They are delicious as I bet these will be.” (Wondering if you can really get sick from cookie dough? We found out. )

Unlike recipes that come with a long list of ingredients, each rich flavor is very distinct in this three-ingredient recipe. And, with most ingredients likely in reach, this recipe is a no-brainer when that sugar craving kicks in—it’s so simple, it would be hard to even commit any of these baking mistakes you probably make with your other dessert recipes.

The recipe makes 16 cookies, which you can transport from your steamy oven directly onto this wire cooling rack to cool before digging in. Ready to indulge in a little more nostalgia? Then whip up some of these recipes like grandma used to make to go with your shortbread cookies!

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