Here’s Where You Can Find the Most Expensive Coffee in America

How much would you pay for a cup of coffee?

coffeeCourtesy Paul MartinkaWe know coffee is full of incredible health benefits—but how much is one willing to spend on one cup? Answer: Americans spend an average of $2.70 on a cup of good ol’ java. Now imagine spending about 6.7 times as much… on just one cup. That’s how much one of The Alpha Dominche Extraction Lab’s coffees cost—and tons of people are buying it.

The Alpha Dominche Extraction Lab is located in Sunset Park, Brooklyn and opened earlier this year. The shop prides itself in the quality of their coffee, the overall aesthetic, and its fine craftsmanship. While prices vary based on what the customers’ preferences are, Extraction Lab’s most expensive coffee costs $18 per cup—and it’s totally worth it. (We bet you didn’t know these ten weird facts about coffee!)

coffeeCourtesy Paul MartinkaCustomers are truly paying for the experience on top of the quality when they order a cup of coffee at this Brooklyn cafe. First, you’re given the option to choose a brew based on its origin, roaster, variety, brand, processing method, and more. Collaborating with over 40 world-class coffee and tea producers, there are plenty of choices.

Then, the coffee-brewing process begins—and you get to be part of it. Extraction Lab is a very educational and hands-on environment, which is one of the many reasons it stands out from other coffee shops. Depending upon what type of brew is chosen, you have the opportunity to watch their coffee brew from start to finish and their barista can answer all of your questions regarding the entire process, from growing to drinking. (Here’s the fastest way to cool down your hot coffee so you don’t have to wait as long to enjoy all of its goodness. Can you relate to these other ten problems that most coffee lovers experience?)

The majority of Extraction Lab’s coffees are made-to-order using their Steampunk machines, which results in a perfectly consistent brew every time. In addition to their Steampunk brewers, the Lab’s Sight machines brew coffees in a much larger quantity, allowing for the production of one gallon at a time.

coffeeCourtesy Paul Martinka“I think that part of our success with the café has been our ability to focus on brewed coffee and tea rather and do that to perfection and at the same time provide the customer with and entertaining way to do it,” Thomas Perez, CEO of Alpha Dominche, Ltd., told Reader’s Digest. “Most retail stores these days are boring and uneventful but walking into the extraction lab is walking into a theater where the Steampunk line up is the stage.”

How do you drink your coffee? If it’s black, we’ve got bad news for you—you may be a psychopath.

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