You Will Never Guess What “Texas” Is Slang for in Norway

Hint: It has to do with how Norwegians think of the Wild West!

Sandwiches can have anything in them nowadays. Primanti Brothers in Pittsburgh is known for tossing fries in their sandwiches, the Grease trucks of New Jersey add mozzarella sticks and chicken fingers, and there are even recipes floating around for peanut butter cup burgers. But when referring to the contents between the bread, the English language falls short, all we have is “sandwich fillings.” (Check out these 20 funny jokes every English grammar nerd will love.)

In Norway, they have a word for that. Pålegg defines the lettuce, the meat, anything on the bread that isn’t the condiment.

Norway also has a slang word for “crazy” which is quite familiar. In Norway, that slang word is “Texas.” 


When the wild west comes to mind, the thoughts of bandits, shootouts, singing bushes, and general lawlessness dominate as descriptors. The unique time in U.S. frontier history was, in short, crazy. To Norwegians, the madness of the Wild West is represented well by Texas, and that’s where they get the slang from. (And if you happen to visit Texas anytime soon, make sure to stop by this hilarious restaurant sign at El Arroyo restaurant in Austin—the sign even has it’s own Instagram following!) 

If someone who plays for Houston’s professional football team was from Texas and was also a real eccentric type, you could call him a Texas Texas Texan. Technically, that is grammatically correct, just like the following sentence. If you want to speak “correctly,” these slang words are actually in the dictionary.

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo. (No, really. Mental Floss explains why.) 

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