A Tear-Free Onion Exists, and It’s at Your Grocery Store

Put away your onion goggles—Sunions won't make you cry!

What if we told you an onion exists that doesn’t make you cry while cutting it? This isn’t science fiction—it’s a Sunion, and even though it might sound too good to be true, it’s very real.

No more fruitless kitchen hacks. You can stop freezing onions, chewing gum, and burning candles while slicing and dicing onions. Besides, the “hack” you’re using is probably one of the biggest myths about preventing crying while chopping onions, anyway.

Sunions can be substituted anywhere

You can use Sunions in any dish you would typically use ordinary onions. Bonus: Their mild flavor allows them to take a lead role in whatever dish you’re cooking.

What is this magic?

Since they’re a cross-breed of two other onions, Sunions look just like ordinary yellow ones. If you were to slice into one straight out of the ground, it would cause crying just like any other onion. The secret is in the storage. Where other onions get stronger as they await shipment, Sunions become milder and sweeter. Why? They lack lachrymatory-factor synthase, the pesky compound that makes your eyes tear up. Learn more about the science behind why onions make you cry.

We tried them, just to be sure

One of the editors at our sister site Taste of Home, Ellie, picked up a few Sunions on a recent shopping trip. While prepping dinner that evening, she and her husband (a notorious onion-chopping crier) were both amazed by how tear-free they really are.

“I held the chopped onion up to my eye to see if I’d tear up, and nothing,” Ellie says. “They don’t even really have much of a smell. We could definitely taste the onion on our tacos, though, which is what we were hoping for.”

Where do I get them?

Most major retailers—like Kroger, Costco, and Walmart—should carry Sunions. Check out the retail locator to see if your local supermarket is selling them. If you come up short, look out for other sweet onion varieties like Vidalia, Walla Walla, or Maui. They’re not tear-free like Sunions, but closer. Soon you’ll be chopping onions and caramelizing them with no tears shed!

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