When One of Her Students Couldn’t Afford a Bike, This Teacher Bought Some for the Entire School

She raised $80,000 to buy all 650 bikes.


When a student told his teacher that he wanted a bike but couldn’t afford one, she decided to make his dream come true. But she didn’t want to help just one child—her sights were on the whole school.

Katie Blomquist teaches at Pepperhill Elementary School in Charleston, South Carolina. At the Title I school, a lot of students can’t afford much, she told ABC News 4. Having their own bikes wouldn’t just give students something to call their own, but also the chance to make memories.

To earn money for hundreds of new bikes, Blomquist launched a GoFundMe page. Between winning $10,000 from the site’s back-to-school contest and receiving money from donors such as T.J. Maxx department stores and TV host Steve Harvey, Blomquist raised $80,662—enough cash to cover bicycles for all 650 students.

Blomquist surprised the kids by announcing the gift over loudspeaker at school. “It’s the basic childhood right—it’s joy,” she told ABC 4 News. “Every single child deserves that, and a bike is one of the top things that represents that.”

Way to go, Katie!

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