News Flash: Walking Up Escalators Isn’t Any Faster

You may think you’re saving yourself a few seconds, but you’re not.

The last thing you need when you’re running late to your morning meeting is to have to dodge and shove past people who are standing on the escalator. Don’t they realize that proper escalator etiquette is people who stay on the right and people who walk on the left? But, science has just proven that everyone can save a little more time if we all just stand still and enjoy the ride up the escalator. These are other everyday mistakes that you’re making and how you should fix them.

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Capgemini Consulting did some research and found that it takes about 40 seconds to ride up an escalator and 26 seconds to walk up it. But, think about it. How many times have you seen the right side of an escalator jam packed with people and a line forming at the bottom just to ride it up, while the left side is completely empty with maybe a few people walking quickly to the top?


The average time for people who stand to reach the top increases from 40 seconds to almost two and a half minutes when you factor in how long it will take to wait at the bottom for everyone to file on. And the walkers aren’t immune to the congestion that forms at the bottom of the escalator. The average time to walk up and escalator increases to 46 seconds when you take into consideration an increase of people.

But, when you throw escalator etiquette out the window and force everyone to stand side by side on his or her ride up, the average time to get to the top is 59 seconds. While that is a little more time than walkers are used to, it’s a significant decrease for people who typically chose to stand. Also try out these other ways to manage your time better.

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While this seems to be a good solution to the congestion that forms on everyone’s morning commute, it’s unlikely that escalators will ever just be used to stand on. Some people always have to be on the move.


Morgan Cutolo
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