Staying Fit Will Drastically Lower Your Risk of This Common Cancer

The difference is big.

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Working out and staying in shape is not an easy task. It’s a routine, and routines need to be built, and slowly but surely, that daily task ceases being just that, a task, and starts being something recreational, fun, even.  Those catastrophic calisthenics you do every morning were originally the bane of your existence, but now you look forward to them, and gladly reap the benefits.

Staying fit and active serves as a tune-up for your body, but the benefits extend beyond the no-brainer bonuses you’ve known your whole life. According to the New York Times, your morning run may just be lowering your risk of breast cancer.

Aerobic exercises don’t just strengthen your lungs and legs, they improve the human body down to a cellular level. In the new study published in Carcinogenesis, two groups of lab rats, one group naturally fit, one group naturally unfit,  were exposed to equal parts of a known breast cancer-causing agent. All outside factors remained steady outside of the fitness level of both rat packs.

By the end of the study, the unfit rats were four times more likely to develop breast cancer than the fit rats. The cells of the more fit rats were less likely to send biosignals to trigger unchecked cell division; excessive cell division almost always leads to higher cancer rates.

As with any research not yet performed on humans, the results are still preliminary, but the researchers are encouraged by the results, as the already held theories on the relationship between fitness and breast cancer in humans. So if you needed an extra incentive for that morning run, take the experts at their word, but still be vigilant about signs of breast cancer that you might be ignoring.

[Source: The New York Times

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