Move Over, Unicorn Frappuccino—The Starbucks Unicorn Lemonade Has Arrived

The Unicorn Frappuccino is no longer available in Starbucks, but don't get too bummed out. You can now hack the Starbucks unicorn menu to create their secret unicorn lemonade. You're welcome.

Did you know that searching the hashtag #unicornfrappuccino in Instagram offers more results than almost all the other tags that even exist? That’s saying a lot for a drink that only lived a few days on the Starbucks menu, which may also suggest just how enamored with the idea of magical, mythical creature drinks people really are.

Baristas were originally making Unicorn Lemonade with the blue and pink powders they received to create the Unicorn Frappuccino in stores, but quickly realized they might taste better in lemonade form. That didn’t last long because as of Sunday night, the blue and pink Unicorn Frappuccino powders were pulled from every Starbucks location nationwide (gasp), leaving magical creatures everywhere exasperated and desperate for the next best thing.

It turns out the next best thing has been a careful combination of lemonade, green tea, and passion tea syrups.

The end result is a fairly magical-looking, bolder shade of lemonade that leaves onlookers full of jealously and delight. The taste, if you’re wondering, is still sweeter than ground unicorn horn (or at least how we imagine that might taste) and may require careful planning if you’re on a sugar-restrictive diet.

And yours may end up being one-of-a-kind because when they had the unicorn powder it was blue, but now apparently it’s a wider ranger of colors based on the ingredients they have. Our reporter’s came out green/yellow/magenta-ish red, but the baristas said they can also do a sort of light pink and yellow version, or what they’re calling a “dark unicorn,” which has a range of red, pink, and nearly black.

So next time you hit a Starbucks, show you’re in the know by ordering this secret menu item—the baristas know about it, but your friends won’t. Don’t forget to snap a pic for Instagram and tag #RDUnicornLemonade.

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