40 Spring Jokes That Will Get the Laughs Blooming

April showers bring these delightful spring jokes

The first day of spring often arrives with a sense of levity and relief that the cold of winter is finally over. Why not celebrate that with some silly, spring-related humor in addition to beautiful spring quotes? Even if you’d rather speed straight through to fall, you’re sure to giggle at these spring jokes and puns about the season of flowers, rain and more. When you’ve gotten your giggling under control, check out these short jokes, short jokes for kids, and winter jokes for laughs all year long.

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Best spring jokes

1. Why are waterbeds so bouncy?

They’re filled with spring water.

2. Does February march?

No, but April may!

3. Which month of the year is the shortest?

May. It only has three letters.

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4. Did you hear about the pregnant bedbug?

She’s having her babies in the spring.

5. What can you find in the middle of April and March but not at the beginning or end of either?

The letter R!

6. Why is Star Wars‘ Yoda such a good gardener?

He has a green thumb.

If you liked that one, remember that May the 4th also happens in spring.

7. What’s the difference between spring rolls and summer rolls?


8. What did the dirt say to the rain?

You’d better cut it out, or my name will be mud!

9. What do you get when you push a bunch of Easter eggs down a hill?

Spring rolls.

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10. It’s allergy season again?! You’ve got to be pollen my leg.

Allergy Season Spring Jokerd.com, Getty Images

11. When’s the best time to wash your Slinky?

During spring cleaning.

12. The bed store is having a spring sale. Unfortunately, the rest of the beds are still full price.

13. What do gardeners wear on their legs?

Garden hose.

14. How can you tell the weather’s getting warmer?

There’s a spring in people’s step.

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Spring flower jokes

15. What is a flower’s favorite kind of pickle?

A daffo-dill.

Daffodil Spring Jokerd.com, Getty Images

16. Why is the letter A like a flower?

Because a B comes after it!

17. How do you plant a kiss in spring?

With two lips. (This also makes a good Valentine’s Day joke.)

18. When is it impossible to plant flowers?

When you haven’t botany.

19. What did the seed say to the flower?

OK, Bloomer!

20. Why couldn’t the little flower ride a bike?

It didn’t have any petals.

21. How do brand-new spring flowers greet each other?

“Hey, bud!”

22. I just opened a flower shop. Business is blooming.

23. What’s the best flower for a boy to give on Mother’s Day?

A son-flower.

24. Did you hear about the flower who went on a date with another flower?

It’s a budding romance.

25. How can you tell spring flowers are friendly?

They always have new buds.

26. Should I plant flowers in April?

May as well!

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Spring jokes for kids

27. Did you hear the one about the gardener who couldn’t wait for spring?

He was so excited, he wet his plants!

28. Which superhero likes spring the best?


29. Which month is the politest when asking questions?

The month of May.

30. What do you call a bear caught in a spring shower?

A drizzly bear.

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31. Which bird should you never let into a jewelry store?

A robin.

Robin Spring Jokerd.com, Getty Images

32. How do bees brush their hair?

With honeycombs.

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33. What did the tree say during springtime?

“Well, this is a re-leaf!”

34. Can bees fly in the rain?

Sure, if they wear yellow jackets!

35. Did you know we prank one another on April 1?

Yes, I’m fooly aware!

36. How does the sun listen to music?

On the ray-dio.

37. Did you see that all the snow and ice are melting?

Yes, I thaw!

38. How do sheep celebrate Memorial Day?

With a baa-baa cue.

39. In all of spring, it can rain cats and dogs, but when does it rain monkeys?

In Ape-ril.

40. When it starts raining ducks and chickens, that’s some fowl weather.

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