The Spot and Tango Sale on Dog Food Your Dog Will Love

Fido will drool over the dog food, and you'll salivate over the savings. Don't miss the Spot and Tango sale to celebrate National Dog Day!

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There’s a major Spot and Tango sale happening now in celebration of National Dog Day. And you don’t want to miss a chance to save 50 percent on fresh food your finicky dog actually wants to eat. The brand offers customizable healthy food for dogs of all shapes and sizes delivered right to your door, and every order is personalized for your pooch.

Not sure what “Unkibble” and fresh recipes are? A Reader’s Digest editor reviewed Spot and Tango to bring you all the flavor and price information. And now, we just have to share the sale details with you and your four-legged friends.

All about the Spot and Tango dog food sale

This epic Spot and Tango sale runs now through August 29 and gives new customers (and their dogs) the perfect excuse to try their Unkibble, fresh dog food entrees, and premium human-grade treats at a major discount. Eating fresher food is exactly what your dog wishes you knew about his or her needs. Fresh food also keeps dogs healthy thanks to the exclusively human-grade food the company uses in its recipes.

To get started, they’ll ask you a series of questions based on your dog’s size, age, activity level, and even breed. Docile, smaller dogs like the best dog breeds for seniors will have different customized meal makeups than larger, more active breeds like huskies and standard poodles.

All new customers get 50 percent off their orders plus two free bags of premium treats by using code “DOGDAY” at checkout. The included freebies are full-size bags of single-ingredient Chicken Munchies made with 100 percent USDA chicken breast, and Yam Yams made of 100 percent USDA sweet potatoes. That’s a $26 value added onto the 50 percent discount you’re scoring with the coupon code, and probably the best Spot and Tango deal of the year.

Letting your pup nosh on this extra-tasty stuff and then nap in this calming donut dog bed will make every day feel like dog day.

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Where to buy Spot and Tango

You can only access this Spot and Tango sale directly on the company’s website. Be sure to remember code “DOGDAY” at checkout to ensure your Spot and Tango deal is activated and you receive your impressive bounty of freebies.

Prices start under one dollar per meal for pantry-stable Unkibble, and at about $1 or a bit more for fresh meals like chicken and brown rice that’s rich in organ meats, sweet potatoes, and added nutrients. Pricing also depends on your dog’s size and appetite.

No matter how the dog treats crumble, this is definitely the Spot and Tango best sale of the year for new customers.

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