Here’s How You Can Spend a Night Behind Bars—Without Obtaining a Criminal Record

At Sook Station, guests feel like prisoners—but not in a bad way.

01-guests-get-a-mugshot-at-this-prison-themed-hotel-courtesy-sook-station-hostelCourtesy SOOK StationWould you ever go to jail on purpose? In Thailand, you can spend a night behind bars—without ruining your clean criminal record.

Sook Station is a prison-themed hostel in Bangkok that gives you a bit of rigidity without giving up your freedom. As soon as guests check in, they can rent a pair of black and white striped pajamas before posing for a mug shot, according to the Daily Mail.

Courtesy SOOK StationThen it’s off to the cells—er, rooms. Instead of a key, each guest gets an inmate number to get in (and, thankfully, out). If the open space between the bars just feels too freeing, you can also opt for a “solitary confinement” room with blacked out windows and doors, according to the Daily Express. Prison-themed or not, find out how to score a free room upgrade at any hotel.

Courtesy SOOK StationIn true prison fashion, some Sook Station guests share a dim concrete bathroom, according to the Independent. For those who aren’t itching for that kind of jail experience, there are also family-friendly hotel rooms with their own private bathrooms. But even behind closed doors, find out why you should never use a hotel hair dryer.

But staying at Sook Station doesn’t feel like a punishment. Most rooms have balconies, and the rooftop (which admittedly is barred in) has a hot tub and mood-setting fairy lights. And because jail time or no, everyone deserves to eat, the hostel has its own restaurant and lets guests eat breakfast for free. (Check out the healthiest choice at a continental breakfast.)

Courtesy SOOK StationJust be sure you don’t stay out too late—the hotel has a “lights-out” curfew at night. But that’s actually a better idea than it sounds; having a set time to say goodnight could actually help you sleep better.

You won’t leave your stay empty-handed. At the end of their stay, inmates—er, guests—get a “criminal record” keepsake to take home.

Whether you’re staying with criminals or not, learn how to protect your belongings on vacation.

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