So Cool: Design Your Own Dream Room

How to make your space feel like your own.

When I was in middle school, I used to spend hours clipping items I adored out of magazines and gluing them into a scrapbook of how I wanted my dream room to look. Now, thanks to, I can indulge my pre-teen obsession in the digital world.

Okay, so maybe it’s geared toward folks under the age of 20, but I can’t stop decorating and redecorating my virtual bedroom with the help of a trained interior designer.

To start, you fill out a quick survey describing your likes and dislikes and magically get a digital room designed just for you. You can keep playing around for fun or, when you find products that match your style, you can buy them right there on the site. Alas, I can’t gift a dream room to my 14-year-old self, but at least I can buy one of these adorable throw pillows to satisfy my sudden desire to refurbish every nook of my room.

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