The Smithsonian Just Launched a Tool to Help People Talk About Race

This new online tool helps parents, educators, and people devoted to racial equality.

Talking about race is more important than ever. However, for some people, this does not mean that it’s easy to do so. If you’ve been wondering how to establish dialogue about race, or where you can find resources to educate yourself, The Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC) has your back. A new portal, “Talking About Race,” by the NMAACH is a brand new, online portal discussing race, racism, and racial identity. Make sure you also read up on what anti-racism means and what it means to be anti-racist.

What is “Talking About Race”?

Are you a parent trying to talk to your child about race? Or are you a teacher trying to start dialogue about race in your classroom? Perhaps you’re someone who’s devoted to making the world a more equitable and just place for all? “Talking About Race” is here to help. The online portal by the museum provides users with digital tools, online exercises, video instructions, scholarly articles, and more than 100 multi-media resources, according to the museum’s website.

“Since opening the museum, the number one question we are asked is how to talk about race, especially with children. We recognize how difficult it is to start that conversation. But in a nation still struggling with the legacies of slavery, Jim Crow laws, and white supremacy, we must have these tough conversations if we have any hope of turning the page and healing. This new portal is a step in that direction,” Spencer Crew, interim director of the National Museum of African American History and Culture, said in a statement. These podcasts about race can also help you educate yourself.

What resources does it offer?

smithsonian talking about racevia“‘Talking About Race’ builds upon decades of work by the museum’s educators. It is the result of extensive research, studies, consultations, and educational resources from these fields: history, education, psychology and human development,” according to the museum’s website.

The materials are divided into eight foundational subjects—being anti-racist, bias, community building, historical foundations of race, race and racial identity, self-care, social identities and systems of oppression, and whiteness. Each topic features articles, diagrams, and videos to help you dive deeper into the subject. There is also a starter prompt that encourages you to personally reflect on your experiences surrounding race. Next, check out the charities and organizations that need your support right now.

For more on this important issue, see our guide to the Fight Against Racism.

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