Smelling This One Food Can Make You Feel Less Hungry, According to Research

Feeling famished? Take a whiff.


With all of the wacky weight loss advice out there, it’s tough to know what (or whom!) to trust. Following these 42 fast, easy tips for weight loss could be a great place to start. One weight loss tip, however, is so bizarre that you might not even believe it.

Rumor has it that dark chocolate can be ridiculously good for you; its incredible health benefits range from fighting heart disease to protecting the skin. But there’s even more perks to dark chocolate than that. Apparently, this decadent dessert is so healthy that simply smelling it can whittle your waistline. Seriously!

A 2010 study assessed the effects of dark chocolate on ghrelin, a hormone that stimulates your appetite and sends signals to your brain when you’re hungry. Researchers recruited twelve women whose BMI was between 18 and 25. At first, all 12 women ate 30 mg of 85 percent dark chocolate. Then, researchers randomly assigned the participants to one of two groups: While one group ate another 30 mg of chocolate, the other group simply smelled the dessert.


Surprisingly enough, all of the women reported a decrease in their appetite and reduced cravings after both eating and sniffing the chocolate. Eating this one food can stop your junk food cravings once and for all, too.

Smelling the chocolate reduced ghrelin levels in the women’s systems, according to the researchers. As their hunger hormone levels fell, their appetites became suppressed and their cravings vanished. Let’s hope the weight loss effects are just as magical.

Still, it’s important to note that this study is pretty small. Research with larger numbers of participants is needed before drawing any major conclusions about dark chocolate’s ability to curb those bothersome cravings.

Bottom line? If you’re ravenous and can’t eat for another few hours, it won’t hurt to sniff a bit of dark chocolate. But before you take another bite (or whiff!), these are the 50 things doctors wish you knew about losing weight.

[Source: TheHealthSite]

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