Sleep Number Sheets Brilliantly Keep Fitted Bedding in Place All Night Long

Even if you toss and turn, Sleep Number sheets have a unique feature to keep fitted bedding in place all night.

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Whether you have one of the best memory foam mattresses or a fully adjustable Sleep Number setup, you need to know about the ridiculously genius feature Sleep Number sheets have. These True Temp sheets—which have an ultra-smooth sateen weave that stays in place no matter how much you toss and turn—have over 10,000 ratings and an impressive 4.6-star average. They’re some of the best cooling sheets we’ve ever seen, thanks to the heat-wicking technology and a unique elastic band system.

What are Sleep Number True Temp sheets?

Sleep Number True Temp Sheets were created to fit the brand’s bestselling adjustable, high-tech mattresses. The mattresses are great, but you don’t have to own one to reap the benefits of this genius bedding accessory. These cotton sheets are exceptionally smooth with a flexible fit that actually move with you as you rest. They can be mixed and matched with your choice of warm blankets and pillows, and fit most mattresses and boxed bed brands up to 15 inches deep.

The best part though? The built-in elastic ExactFit band that secures each of the fitted sheet’s four corners. It offers an extra layer of toss-and-snuggle-proof protection. The system promises a more comfortable sleep and less bed-making time come morning. Customers also rave about the limited one-year warranty that guarantees a smart, safe purchase.

What makes Sleep Number sheets so special?

The SmartFit elastic band is the real hero of Sleep Number True Temp sheets, but these wonders have plenty of other virtues as well. The material features 37.5 technology to continuously adapt and maintain your ideal temperature. The result is an extremely comfortable sleep—and you don’t even need to invest in a cooling mattress. Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX ensures no harmful chemicals or substances will touch your skin while you sleep.

Each bedding bundle comes with a flat sheet, a fitted ExactFit sheet and two pillowcases. Split king and split California king sets contain two twin long fitted ExactFit sheets. A variety of soft, modern neutral colors are available, and they’re all machine washable and can be tumbled dry with wool dryer balls.

Are Sleep Number sheets worth it?

If you’re a hot sleeper, tend to move around a lot at night or have a partner that does, Sleep Number True Temp sheets are worth every penny. Short of an earthquake, they hardly move. That means less wasted time and energy each morning, more comfortable sleep and virtually wrinkle-free sheets. Plus, they’re so cool to the touch and regulate body temperature so well that they rival our favorite Cozy Earth sheets.

Where to buy Sleep Number Sheets

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For now, the only place to buy Sleep Number True Temp sheets is on the Sleep Number website. Prices start at about $210 for a queen-size set, which is a bargain for premium bedding that offering utility. Hurry up and add a set to your cart—popular neutral colors and sizes sell out fast!

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