This Airline Now Provides Hotel Rooms In the Sky—and It Will Change the Way You Fly

You'll be living in the lap of luxury at 35,000 feet.

airplane hotel roomCourtesy Singapore Airlines LimitedLet’s be honest: For most of us, flying isn’t exactly comfortablelet alone luxurious. In addition to the cramped leg room, those tasteless, frozen airplane food make us want to run for the nearest burger once we get off the plane. But thanks to Singapore Airlines, soon you could be living the high life (pun intended) while flying 35,000 feet in the air.

airplane hotel room bedCourtesy Singapore Airlines LimitedSingapore Airlines just revealed a brand new addition to their latest planes: hotel-style suites. Yep, you read that right—first-class fliers can essentially book a hotel in the sky. It’s no surprise that this airliner has been named the best airline in the world for over two decades.

airplane hotel room storageCourtesy Singapore Airlines LimitedThe six suites on each aircraft feature beds (yes, beds!) that are placed perpendicular to the windows, as well as a wall that can come down if you want a bit of privacy. Passengers will also receive slippers, eyeshades, and socks for the best shuteye that money can buy. Whether you’re in first class or economy, try these tips for falling asleep on an airplane.

airplane hotel room bedCourtesy Singapore Airlines LimitedBored of the view from your suite’s private window? View in-flight entertainment via a 32-inch HD monitor. And if your tummy starts rumbling, you can dine on meals prepared by celebrity chefs from around the world.

The new planes will take their first flight from Singapore to Sydney next month. No word yet on how much the private suites will cost, though. Judging from the long list of luxurious amenities, we’re willing to guess it won’t be cheap.

[Source: CNBC]

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