Here’s Why This Airline Was Named “The Best in the World” for over Two Decades

You should be booking flights on this carrier WAY more often.

Here’s-Why-This-Airline-Was-Named-“The-Best-in-the-World”-For-Over-Two-Decades--29951095-IM_photoIM_photo/shutterstockAirline carriers have been getting a bad rap lately. But Singapore Airlines might just change your mind about that.

For 22 years, this carrier has been named the best international airline in the world by Travel+Leisure’s World’s Best Awards. Readers ranked the airlines based on categories such as cabin comfort, service, food, customer service, and value. (Singapore has the best airport in the world, too!) It’s the only company to have held the No. 1 spot in any World’s Best category for as long as the competition has been in existence. And it’s easy to see why!

Book a Premium Economy seat, and you’ll forget you’re not riding the high life (pun intended) in first class. At 19.5 inches wide, the seats allow for some extra-comfy shoulder room, and built-in footrests—coupled with an eight-inch recliner—make you feel you’re practically at home. (Here’s how to sleep well on an airplane.) And let’s not forget the two USB ports, adjustable reading lamps, priority treatment from check-in to boarding, and neat amenities such as a cocktail table, noise-cancelling headphones, and champagne. Since it’s all included in the price, you will essentially get a first class treatment while traveling in coach.

Already amazed? We’re just getting started. If you upgrade to first class, prepare for heaven on earth. The 35-inch-wide leather seats can transform into flat beds, and the new Boeing 777-300ER flights include mood lighting and curved privacy partitions, to boot.

Forget about those tasteless, mushy meals you have to choke down on other flights. “Singapore Airlines uses a pressurized tasting room to ensure their meals taste just as good at an elevation of 30,000 feet as they would on the ground, in spite of the way cabin pressure changes can affect how you perceive taste,” Travel+Leisure writes.

An international panel of eight renowned chefs preps in-flight meals that include steak, caviar, and two different champagnes for first and business class passengers. You’ll even find regional favorites on the menu, such as Randy’s Donuts in Los Angeles and Blue Bell Ice Cream in Houston. Frozen meals, who?

Plus, there’s so much to look forward to in the future. Singapore Airline’s recent upgrade allows business class passengers both a cradling and a lounging position. And it’s among the first to fly the world’s biggest passenger planes, which include amenities such as onboard showers and even a lounge. Book us a ticket, stat!

If you’re flying economy with a different airline, don’t worry: Here’s how to get some serious upgrades.

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