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Navigating the Annual Enrollment Period with eHealth

Feeling overwhelmed by Medicare plan choices as the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) approaches? You’re not alone! With over 3,900 Medicare Advantage plans nationally to consider, making such a critical healthcare decision can feel daunting. Many people stick with their current plan—even if it’s no longer right for them—because it can be challenging to weigh all the options. And if you’re completely new to Medicare, trying to understand if you need Medicare Parts A, B, C, or D seems like an impossibly complex task.

To simplify the process, eHealth, a trusted licensed insurance agency that has been expertly guiding consumers with innovative technology and licensed advisor support for over 25 years. eHealth maps out five things every Medicare beneficiary should know about AEP season.


1. Mark your calendar.

Medicare’s Annual Enrollment Period runs from October 15 through December 7, 2023. This eight-week span offers you the opportunity to change your Medicare health plan coverage or sign up for the first time. In fact, this is one of the few chances to change coverage options for the coming year, unless you qualify for a special election period. And this window of opportunity is especially important if you’ve experienced health issues or life changes (like changing prescriptions, receiving a new health diagnosis, or experiencing a change in personal finances) this past year. According to eHealth research, a change in coverage could be worthwhile:

  • Many beneficiaries (43%) have had the same plan for three years or more—even though the plan they have may no longer meet their needs.
  • Many people have experienced life changes in the past year, making it especially important to reconsider their current plan: 41% say their prescription needs have changed; 47% began seeing a new doctor; and 41% say their personal finances have changed.

2. Enroll, change, or disenroll. During the Annual Enrollment Period you can enroll in a new Medicare Advantage plan or a new Medicare Part D prescription drug plan—and even disenroll altogether. Make any changes now for 2024.

3. Compare plans to see how they stack up. A lot of variation exists in Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D Prescription Drug plans, so it’s good to look at a variety of plans and insurance companies to determine what will best meet your needs. To help make sense of it all, eHealth allows you to review Medicare plans from the nation’s top insurance companies side-by-side to easily compare options and meet your financial goals. In fact, eHealth gives you the ability to research and compare plans that cover your preferred doctors and other providers,  prescriptions, and other items that are important to you side-by-side.

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4. Get personalized help for free. Whether you shop online at, use chat or call a live eHealth licensed insurance agent who serves as advisor, there is no cost or obligation to work with eHealth. Health insurance companies pay eHealth to help you find your Medicare match, so that’s why eHealth is always a free service. eHealth licensed advisors have expertise in your state and zip code and are here to work for you. They’ll help answer your questions and find the best match for your needs. Rest assured, you’ll get unbiased advice because eHealth licensed advisors are paid the same no matter what Medicare plan you select. Plus, eHealth offers the same plans at the same prices as the insurance companies and is always a free service with no obligation to enroll.

5. Review your options with less stress. Determining your healthcare coverage is a critical decision that takes time to gather information, weigh your Medicare Plan options, and make an informed decision. It’s important to give yourself plenty of time, so don’t wait until the last week of the Annual Enrollment Period to get started. The solution? Set aside at least one hour to review Medicare plan options or make an appointment in advance to ensure enough time with a licensed insurance agent to thoroughly discuss your needs and review plan options. You might find comfort knowing that tapping into eHealth services proved to be 25% less stressful for beneficiaries compared to selecting and enrolling in Medicare coverage in any other way (Stress levels based on self-reported and biometric data of 24 participants. Chicago, IL; July 19-20, 2023.)

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Bottom line: Instead of checking many websites to understand Medicare plans and compare, trust eHealth to make the Annual Enrollment Period easier. For over 25 years, has helped over eight million people find insurance. eHealth’s unbiased licensed advisors offer advice make it easy and less stressful to compare plans all at once, all in place.


eHealth is a Licensed Insurance Agency

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The nation’s top plans based on Kaiser Family Foundation’s 2022 Update and Key Trends report; analysis of 2022 CMS Medicare Advantage enrollment by firm. [Link]

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