36 Sheep Puns That Are Perfect for Ewe

Ewe herd it here first: These sheep puns wool make you baaahaha.

You may think sheep aren’t the brightest critters, but you’ve been fleeced: Sheep can remember individual faces (sheep and human) for at least ten years, recognize facial expressions like smiles and frowns, and form lifelong supportive friendships. There’s more to sheep than meets the eye, and they’re surprisingly funny, too. That’s right, sheep can really put together a pun or two. You may already be familiar with farmyard jesters in the form of chicken puns, or enjoyed pasture pranksters and their many cow jokes, but the fact is that sheep puns are woolly hilarious too. It’s true that bear puns sometimes need some koala-frication, but sheep jokes are for all the family, from lamb to ewe. Don’t get your wool in a twist, just chew your cud and enjoy the shear puntastic brilliance of this herd of laughs.

Baaaad sheep puns

1. What instrument do a pair of sheep play? A two-baa

2. Where did the sheep from Boston end up after he robbed the farmer? Behind baaas!

3. Where do sheep get their wool cut? The baa-baashop

4. What do you get when you cross a sheep and some chocolate? A candy baa

5. What do sheep wear to the beach? A baakini

6. What happens when a Jewish sheep turns 13? They get a baar mitzvah or a baat mitzvah!

7. What’s a sheep’s fave snack? A baaanana

8. What’s a French sheep’s favorite holiday? Baastille Day

9. What do you get when you cross angry sheep with a grumpy cow? A baaaaad mooooood

10. What kind of dance do sheep specialize in? Baallet

11. What music do sheep like? Lady Baa Baa and Ed Shearan

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what do you call a well dressed sheep? glamborousrd.com, Getty Images

Un-herd-of sheep puns

12. What’s a sheep’s favorite car?  A Lamborghini

13. How do sheep greet each other? “Hay, how’s it going?”

14. What is it called when a sheep wins an election by a huge margin? A lamb slide

15. What do you say to a sad sheep? “Shear up!”

16. What do you call it when a sheep jumps out at you? A lambush!

17. What do you get when you cross a sheep and a kangaroo? A woolly jumper

18. What do Mexican sheep say during the holidays? Fleece Navidad

19. How do sheep start their emails? “Hope this email finds you wool…”

20. What’s a sheep’s favorite baseball team? The Seattle Merinos

21. What do you call a well-dressed sheep? Glamborous!

22. What do you call two sheep who are dating? A relationsheep

23. What’s a sheep without any legs? A cloud

24. Accidents wool happen.

25. What did the sheep parent say to the lamb? “It’s pasture bedtime!”

26. What do you call a miserly sheep? A sheepskate

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what do you get when you cross a sheep and a rhino? a ewenicorn.rd.com, Getty Images

Sheep puns with ewenique ramifications

27. I.T. is one of the biggest sheep industries. There’s always a need for more RAM.

28. Where did the sheep like to watch videos? Ewe Tube

29. Two sheep were talking about a ewe. They were trying to figure out if they’d met herbivore.

30. What’s the sheep’s motto? All’s wool that ends wool.

31. What is a sheep’s favorite film? Rambo

32. What do you get when you cross a sheep and a rhino? A ewenicorn

33. What do you call a rumor among sheep? Herd it through the grapevine

34. What paperwork do elderly sheep need? Their last wool and testament

35. What did the sheep parent say to the little lambs? “I want everything cleaned up and sheep-shape!”

36. The sheep family was finally able to get together again after the pandemic. It was a real re-ewe-nion.

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