Painting Your Home This Color Can Make Your House Sell for $5,000 More—Here’s Why

Want to maximize your home value? Try painting it this color to get the most attractive offers.

paintswatchfizkes/ShutterstockIf you’re in the process of selling your home, you want to make it as attractive as possible in order to receive the best bid. You fluff the pillows, scrub the floors, but have you ever thought about the impact the color of your house can have on potential buyers? According to Zillow, it can make a difference to the tune of thousands of dollars.

After surveying over 30,000 sold homes in 2017, Zillow found out that the color blue was the most popular and attractive to new buyers. Blue is associated with calm and peace of mind, which means making clear decisions you’re comfortable with.

It’s easy to integrate blue into your home without springing for brand new siding. Here are a few ideas we found:

In Zillow’s study, bathrooms with a light blue hue brought in about $5,440 extra on average.

A darker, more bold blue in the bedroom could boost your sale $1,856.

Kitchens with blue accents can sell for $1,809 more than the original price.

Even just painting over your front door blue can increase your selling price by $1,514!

The results are in—and bold blues are what sells. Make sure to consider these other questions to ask yourself before selling your home as well.

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