What Is a Scrub Daddy Sponge and Why Do Housekeepers Love Them?

A Scrub Daddy sponge will completely change the way you think about cleaning. An expert explains why they went viral and how to use them in your cleaning routine.

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Cleaning addicts and housekeepers have gone wild for Scrub Daddy sponges. These smiley-face sponges might look like a novelty item but they’re a cleaning powerhouse. Dunk them in cold water for tough scrubbing and warm water for a softer touch. Use the face holes to scrub dishes and remove stains, gunk, and even horrid pink slime from bathrooms with minimal effort. Here’s everything you need to know about this viral cleaning sensation in sponge form.

Why is the Scrub Daddy sponge a viral cleaning product?

This smiling sponge first rose to fame when the Scrub Daddy Shark Tank episode appeared and convinced millions of Americans to give these scratch-free happy face sponges a try. The happy-faced sponges, which now boast nearly 30,000 positive reviews on Amazon, almost didn’t get picked up by the Shark Tank sharks though.

It took one of the show’s few women, Lori Grenier, to recognize just how incredibly useful and appealing this sponge would be for the masses. It was the built-in grooves and foam that changes texture and strength based on water temperature that hooked her. We’ve got some serious smiles knowing it all worked out for this incredible cleaning helper, because it’s now the most successful Shark Tank product of all time with over $100 million in sales.

The design and practicality keeps cleaners coming back for more of these top-rated sponges, which have also gone viral on TikTok. Cleaning experts say they’re one of the best dish cleaning products on the market. “The design details help you get a good grip, and while traditional scrubbers seem to harbor all the unpleasant things, this sponge can be thoroughly rinsed—which helps eliminate odors,” shares professional organizer and cleaning expert, Britnee Tanner.

They’re a must-add addition to your existing shopping list of microfiber cloths and the nearly-magical Pink Stuff that gets grime off just about everything.

How Does the Scrub Daddy sponge work?

Scrub Daddy sponges go several steps beyond what a regular sponge can do. The secret is their cellulose base, Resofoam. They instantly transform their texture based on the temperature of the water they’re soaked with.

The average sponge only has two modes—wet or dry. This palm-sized wonder sponge has multiple cleaning modes. It becomes extremely soft and pliable under warm water and a more rigid version of itself when treated with cold water. The face isn’t a gimmick either, and each part has a distinct function. The mouth cleans small and curved utensils with ease. The eyes help soapy fingers keep their grip much like a bowling ball.

“You can use these sponges for a variety of dirty problems, but I’m a fan of them for anything related to dishes with baked-on food,” says Tanner. “They’re extra handy for cleaning dirty utensils. You can poke forks and spoons through the holes in the sponge for extra cleaning and alter the water temperature for the desired scrubbing texture.”

It’s the adjustable texture feature of the sponge’s engineered foam that has helped the brand gain millions of loyal fans. Reviewers say you can use the warm water soft sponge texture on fragile glass to remove old stickers and residue. Others suggest using cooler water for a more rigid version to use as agitation with stain-cleaning wonders like Folex Carpet Spot Remover. The adjustable sponges go to work cleaning just about anything you ask them to without damaging or scratching delicate surfaces.

The best Scrub Daddy sponge review

Scrub Daddy Spongesvia merchant

Verified Amazon purchaser, Diana writes, “These little guys live on the edge of my kitchen sink where they have been put to good use scrubbing out the pans, dishes, glasses, and flatware that would otherwise be a chore to clean. I love the fact that they become pliable when exposed to warm or hot water, which helps them clean out the tough spots.” She adds, “They stay stiff under cool or cold water to allow you to put in some elbow grease to clean up. They are durable and can be used for a while before you need to swap them out.”

A three-pack set of these joy-sparking Scrub Daddy sponges is under $10, making it one of the most affordable Amazon cleaning product purchases to add to your list.

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