Science Has Discovered the Perfect Length of Time To Dunk Your Oreo

Eating snacks for science, it was an action that needed to be taken.


We all know milk’s favorite cookie: the Oreo. Consuming an Oreo without a glass of milk borders on blasphemy. Really, consuming cookies without milk is just plain unscientific.

The practice is way beyond common at this point, but it’s not like there are directions on the side of the Oreo sleeve about proper dunking technique. It may seem straightforward, but if the cookie is submerged too long, it degrades to an ashy mess, submerged to briefly and it’s no better than a desert after a light drizzle. But now, thanks to science, we know the precise amount of time to dunk your prized sandwich cookies. (By the way, did you know you can use the Oreo container as a dunking station?!)

According to Mental Floss, the proper amount of time to dunk an Oreo is three seconds. The initial research behind this comes from across the pond, in a 1999 study from a British scientist named Len Fisher. Fisher’s study was specifically focused on dunking biscuits in tea, but the science remains largely the same.

Fisher’s research centered around the concept of capillary action, the process through which the liquid is absorbed into the pores of the dunked object.  

In 2016, researchers at Utah State University built beyond Fisher’s research into an area relatable for Americans: cookie dunking. Researchers took Oreos, Graham Crackers, Nutter Butters, and Chips Ahoy cookies and held them in two percent milk for different intervals of time, then weighed the cookies after the fact to measure milk absorption.

The research found that Oreos absorbed 50 percent of the potential liquid after one second, 80 percent after two seconds, maxed out at the four-second mark, hitting maximum absorption then plateauing.  Maximum absorption is not ideal, so right before that drop-off, at the three-second mark, is the ideal Oreo dunking wheelhouse.  

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Source: Mental Floss 

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