These Vaccine Patches Will Have You Saying So Long to Needles at the Doctor

No words if nurses will still be handing out lollipops for being a good sport about the whole affair.

Vaccine-Patches-Will-Let-You-Say-So-Long-to-Needles-via-news.gatech.eduvia news.gatech.eduNot everyone is afraid of needles according to this study, but you’d be hard pressed to find someone who is a fan of needles. They are a necessary evil in the medical world, something which is the bane of parents and children alike, but they soon may be a thing of the past, at least when it comes to vaccinations.

The conventional needle replacement is technically a needle multiplier; the new method would involve the use of a small patch which has an array of microneedles which help administer the vaccination.

In a study conducted by Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University, this microneedle patch was tested and proved its mettle in practical application.

The patch was used to give a flu vaccination to 100 different individuals. The results were incredibly promising, and the study concluded that “use of dissolvable microneedle patches for influenza vaccination was well tolerated and generated robust antibody responses.”  

This method is not entirely unheard of. Back in 2012, NBC News originally reported on the potential application of the technology.  

The benefits of the patch go beyond the simple issue associated with the pain of needle injections. If mass produced, it could allow patients to receive their vaccinations remotely, without ever having to make their way to the doctor’s office or the flu clinic.

But for now, parents will have to power through the pain of bringing their little ones for their shots. 

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