You Can Save TONS of Money on Tolls with This Amazing App Feature

Tolls play a key role in the maintenance of transit infrastructure. But they are kind of a drag and kind of a time-suck. Here's how to avoid them.

cellphoneleungchopan/ShutterstockSlowly but surely, tollbooths are being replaced by cameras. The booth bottleneck is easing up due to this, but the need for tolls still exists. But there’s a way around the whole system, or rather, there’s a Waze around the system, according to LifeHacker.

If you’re someone who regularly commutes, tolls probably don’t bother you, as you have E-ZPass or your state’s equivalent method of digital payment (here are some ways to make your commute happier, safer, and go by faster). But if you’re planning a big road trip, you know that you need to have cash or change on hand, because not all toll passes are transferable across the country. And even if you manage to get a pass that works in every region, you’ll still have to slow down to 30 miles per how to get the pass to register. And that’s about 737 miles per hour slower than the speed of sound, and you’ve got places to be. 

All you need to avoid these turnpikes tithes is one of the two most popular GPS apps available, Waze or Google Maps. On Google Maps, simply type in your destination, select the car option, then select the three dot icon in the top right-hand corner of your screen. Select “route options” from the pop-up menu, then toggle the “Avoid tolls” option.

With Waze, open the app, swipe right to left, pull up your profile page, select the gear button to bring up settings, then head down to “Navigation” and “Advanced Settings,” and turn on “Avoid toll roads.” Then you’re all set, free to use your quarters at the arcade or buy a fresh can of soda pop.

Now, remember, you’re free from tolls, but not the rules of the road. Abide by every road sign (no matter what the shape) and try not to speed—here are some secrets from traffic cops about avoiding a speeding ticket on the road. 

[Source: LifeHacker]