These Viral Dog Salmon Bites Alleviate Dry and Itchy Skin

Just one of these viral salmon bites daily is all your pup needs for a shinier coat, improved skin health and less itching.

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Your pooch already enjoys chomping on tasty treats, so why not make sure that the delicious nugget you toss their way is good for ’em, too? Yep, healthy dog treats are totally a thing, and Zesty Paws salmon bites are the latest pet snack taking the internet by storm.

Dog parents are shouting the praises of this nutrient-dense chew because of the numerous ways it benefits their dog. For starters, it helps improve their pup’s skin health and immune function, aiding in issues such as itchy skin and habitual paw licking. It even fosters a healthy-looking coat, which comes in handy for dog grooming and spiffy photo opps.

What are Zesty Paws salmon bites?

Zesty Paws salmon bites are adorable, heart-shaped treats. The magic lies in their formula, which includes key ingredients:

  • Alaskan salmon oil: This ingredient is a rich source of omega-3, promoting healthy joints and supporting heart health. It also improves skin’s moisture levels and helps relieve symptoms of skin allergies.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids: Found in fatty fishes like salmon, these good fats maintain healthy skin and fur, boost immune support and provide antioxidants.
  • Biotin: Also known as vitamin B7, biotin fosters healthy hair and enhances skin health. It works well with EPA and DHA fatty acids to improve skin and coat conditions, especially for dogs with dermatitis.
  • DHAgold: Derived from algae, this omega-3 variation offers benefits for skin, joint function and heart health.

The Zesty Paws salmon bites are made using a proprietary cold extrusion process that preserves the nutrients, explains Yvethe Tyszka, vice president of marketing for Zesty Paws. You’ll feel good feeding them to Fido knowing they are free from artificial preservatives, synthetic colors and artificial flavors. And if you’re looking for other healthy treats to benefit your pup, check out these cancer-fighting foods for dogs.

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Why are Zesty Paws salmon bites trending?

If you’ve poked around on TikTok, Instagram or pet forums, there’s a good chance you’ve come across a dog parent recommending Zesty Paws salmon bites. So why have these little, heart-shaped chews gone viral? Because people are excited about how well they actually work for their pup!

From reports of improved skin and coat health to a noticeable reduction in itchy skin or seasonal sniffles, it’s one of those products that finally helps their sweet furry friends find some much needed relief. And when you discover a product that works, that’s all the reason to sing it from the rooftop—so other cutie floofs can enjoy the same benefits.

“Our expert formulators selected best-in-class ingredients to create a soft chew that delivers the best version of omega-3 fatty acids in a fun and unique format,” notes Tyszka. “The soft chews were intentionally formulated for all ages, breeds and sizes and are made in the U.S. from globally sourced ingredients.”

Aside from devoted shoppers, experts tout the product, too. Sally Jones, a dog specialist with the Canine Journal, is a fan of the formulation. “One of the core ingredients in the treats is salmon oil, which not only helps to promote healthy joints—it’s often used in treatments for arthritis—but it also helps support the heart.” She also calls out the Biotin, which she says has been successfully used to help treat and relieve symptoms for many skin conditions. For example, she notes, “Many dogs experience dermatitis, particularly as they get older, wherein patches of skin may become irritated.”

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The best Zesty Paws salmon bites reviews

Want to hear from people who have tried Zesty Paws salmon bites first-hand? Here are some compelling reviews.

One reviewer on Chewy says the treats made a noticeable difference in her pup. She explains, “My Shih Tzu was scratching a lot, and I couldn’t really figure out why. I started using the salmon bites a few months ago and it has really helped his skin. I’ve noticed a huge reduction in scratching. I also know these work because when I stop giving the bites to him the scratching will start up again a few weeks later.”

On Amazon, more than 8,000 five-star reviews rave about its effectiveness. Verified purchaser, Krystal Torres, writes, “My dog was constantly licking and scratching this one spot on his body in particular. He also had dry scabs that looked painful, plus he was losing his color in the one spot. I thought it couldn’t be a food allergy because he had the same food for a year. I didn’t want to change his diet right away so I added these little bites instead. It took a couple weeks for him to stop scratching completely but I did notice that the more days passed he scratched less and less.”

At Target, reviewers say everything from “it eliminates 90% of shedding” to “his coat is noticeably more shiny” to simply, “dog win.”

Where to buy Zesty Paws salmon bites

Zesty Paws Salmon Bites For Itchy Skinvia merchant

Zesty Paws salmon bites cost about $30 for 90 chews, which will last your pup one to three months, depending on their weight. You can purchase them at Chewy, Amazon, Target and the Zesty Paws website.

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