One of Our Favorite Mattress Brands Just Launched a Dog Bed—Is It Worth Its $400 Price Tag?

A Saatva dog bed made with premium materials and an ergonomic design was just released for our furry friends. Scroll on to see if my dog gave it his stamp of approval.

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German shepherd on a grey Saatva dog bedMarry Henn/

Finding the right dog bed for your pup can be a bit like watching Goldilocks unfold in real time. Henry (my picky German Shepherd) and I have gone through several dog beds over the years—some he’s ripped to shreds and others he’s liked, as long as there’s no other furniture available to him. But there have been few dog beds that Henry has gone to willingly with the option of an empty couch or bed nearby.

Now, Saatva, one of our favorite mattress brands, makes a luxury dog bed—and you already know Henry had to get his paws on one to test for himself. It’s no secret that the award-winning Saatva mattress is a winner in our book. But what about this new (pricey) Saatva dog bed? Here’s my (and Henry’s) honest review.

What is the Saatva dog bed?

grey saatva dog bed on a wooden floorMarry Henn/

The Saatva dog bed stands out for a few reasons. It promises an elevated, ergonomic design and high-quality materials so that our pets can rest on the best.

This dog bed is the only one I’ve seen with micro-coils to promote healthy sleep and spinal alignment for dogs. The bed’s cover is made of baffle-quilted, plush fibers for maximum comfort, and it’s coated with pet-safe, water-repellent protection to ensure the bed lasts for years. The cover comes off for spot cleaning and stain removal too (although, it’s not recommended that you throw the cover in the washing machine).

If we’re being honest, what stood out to me most about the Saatva dog bed is the luxury price tag. Is the high-performance, durable dog bed worth the money? Here are additional features about the Saatva dog bed you should know before buying.


We Tried It

Saatva Dog Bed

This is a luxury dog bed made with an ergonomic design and premium materials for the same comfort, quality and durability as a Saatva mattress.

Saatva dog bed features

The Saatva dog bed comes with a one-year warranty, a 45-day return window and free shipping. And several other impressive features make this dog bed unique:

Size and color

The Saarva dog bed is available in three neutral colors (taupe, slate and cream) and three sizes: Small, medium and large. I opted for the darkest color (slate boucle) because I figured it would hide dirt and dark fur the best, and therefore need to be cleaned less often. And because Henry is a big boy, I went with the large size.

I’m glad I went with the large size. It comes in at 34 inches wide and 44 inches long. (All three sizes have a height of four inches.) While the large dog bed is advertised to hold dogs up to 120 pounds, Henry is about 100 pounds and takes up the whole bed. I’d say the large bed is best suited for dogs that are about the size of a lab or retriever.

Micro-coil comfort

When I unzipped the Saatva dog bed, I was impressed to find micro-coil support at the bed’s core. The coils provide a little bounce and extra support, which is especially great for older pets with mobility issues or arthritis. The coil design also keeps the bed from flattening over time, so it’ll keep its comfy shape for the long haul.

On top of the coils are the plush, quilted fibers that create a pillow layer of softness. The plush fibers help reduce pet dander while keeping your pup cool and comfortable.

High-performance fabric cover

The cover on this luxury dog bed is spill-resistant and stain-repellent, yet breathable. It’s also completely removable for easy spot cleaning and has a non-slip base that keeps the bed in place to ensure your pet doesn’t slip and slide around while getting into bed.

Cleaning and care

side by side of saatva dog bed care instructions tag and the zipper on the dog bedMarry Henn/

The Saatva dog bed’s cover is made mostly of polyester and acrylic, so to clean it, you’ll need to blot or wipe it with a paper towel or cloth rag. For tougher spills and messes, you can use water and liquid detergent to treat the soiled area.

How we tested it

While I put the Saatva dog bed to the ultimate picky-dog test with Henry, my 100-pound German Shepherd, I also took the bed over to my mom’s house so her lab mix Addy could try it out too.

Addy is about nine years old, medium to large in size and has some mobility issues. I was curious to see how she would like the bed with her ongoing joint pain and discomfort. Spoiler alert: She loved it.

Touch test

While this test isn’t exactly scientific, it’s important to know how a bed feels to the touch. The casing on the Saatva dog bed feels thick and durable, but the baffle quilt texture provides a bit of softness and keeps the stuffing from sliding around too much underneath the fabric.

When pushing down on the bed, the top pillow cushion gives in quite a bit, but the coils underneath keep it firm and prevent you from feeling the hardness of the ground. Overall, it has more cushion and support than any other dog bed I’ve purchased in the past.

Cleaning test

unzipped grey saatva dog bed on a wooden floorMarry Henn/

I’ve had the Saatva dog bed for a few weeks now, and it hasn’t gotten dirty yet. It still looks brand new and hides dog hair surprisingly well. I say surprisingly because Henry sheds about as much as one dog can, and I can’t detect hair on the bed.

For this review, I did spot-treat a portion of the bed. While there was no stain to treat, I wanted to see how the fabric would hold up against a wet rag and mild detergent. So, I removed the cover, wet a spot, scrubbed gently with a rag and clear liquid laundry detergent, and wet the spot again. Then, I let the cover air dry completely before zipping it back onto the bed. After drying, the top of the bed cover looked as good as new.

Dog test

I have never seen Henry jump so fast on a dog bed as fast as he did on the Saatva dog bed. As soon as I pulled the bed out of the box, he was on it. After kneading his paws into the cushion for a bit, he plopped down and stayed there. This was a new (pleasant) experience for both of us.

As I mentioned, I also let Ol’ Addy Girl give the bed a whirl, and she loved it too. She curled up on it almost immediately and took to snoozing. Henry was a bit jealous to see her enjoying his bed so much, but I left the bed there for a few days to see if she’d return to it. It was reported that Addy preferred the Saatva bed to the memory foam one my mom bought for her (not a bad alternative, I might add).

So, if you’re looking for a thick, comfortable bed with added support for your dog that has mobility issues, joint pain, arthritis or other similar ailments, the Saatva dog bed is worth trying out.


  • Durable, removable cover with water-repellent and stain-resistant barrier
  • Micro-coils for added comfort and support
  • Non-slip base to keep pups from sliding around
  • High-performance, baffle-quilted fabric keeps inside cushion from sliding around
  • Multiple color and size options
  • One-year warranty
  • 45-day return window


  • Pricey
  • Not machine washable

Product comparison

geran shepherd on a grey saatva dog bed on a wooden floor next to another cheaper generic dog bedMarry Henn/

Compared to Henry’s previous dog bed(s), the Saatva dog bed is heavier, thicker and prettier. As you can see in the picture, when side by side with his old dog bed, Henry prefers the Saatva dog bed every time. In fact, I moved the Saatva bed into my home office so Henry could lay next to me while I work, and he spends a lot more of his time with me now (as opposed to out on the couch or in my bed).

While there are other dog beds for a fraction of the price, the Saatva is the only one I’ve found with micro-coil support. It’s also the only bed I’ve seen multiple dogs prefer over every other dog bed at their disposal. Saatva dog bed’s high-quality construction, durability and overall appearance put it in a lane of its own, making it worthy of the investment.

Final verdict

If you have a dog who is particular when it comes to beds or a dog that suffers from mobility or joint issues, then I recommend giving the Saatva dog bed a try. Even if you just want to encourage healthy spinal alignment for your young pup, the Saatva dog bed delivers the thick cushion and support to do the job.

I get it, the luxury price tag can be daunting—especially in this economy. If it weren’t for the hefty price tag, I would buy another one (queue DJ Khaled) for Addy to enjoy or even a human dog bed for myself. That said, I sure am glad I got one for Henry, as he has finally found a dog bed up to his high standards.

On another note: If you have a small or medium dog, the two smaller sizes of the Saatva dog bed are significantly cheaper, which may help justify your luxury purchase when it comes to clicking “Add Item to Cart.”

Where to buy the Saatva dog bed


We Tried It

Saatva Dog Bed

This is an upgraded dog bed with micro-coils to give your furry friend the support they need while sleeping.

You can shop the Saatva dog bed in all sizes and colors directly from Saatva. If you’re lucky, you might catch one of their online flash sales! The small Saatva dog bed retails for $195, the medium for $275 and the large for $395. You can add additional covers in whatever color you like for an upcharge, which might be a good option if you want to switch out covers for cleaning or to match different room decor.