The Royal Family Has This One Surprisingly Frugal Travel Habit

Spoiler alert: You might see them on your next flight!

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Being a royal comes with plenty of perks: jewels, tiaras, and a wardrobe fit for a queen (or king!), just to name a few. Given how much the British royal family is worth, it’s safe to say their paychecks can support a rather luxurious lifestyle.

But when it comes to travel, these famous Brits are surprisingly frugal. In fact, members of the royal family have been known to opt for commercial flights over private jets. Some have even booked tickets in economy class, PEOPLE reports.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, for example, have hopped on one or two commercial planes since their marriage. In 2016, Kate booked a first class seat on a British Airways flight to London.

Prince Harry and his fiancée, Meghan Markle, have also been known to catch a commercial flight on occasion. The royal couple even opted for economy-class seats when they flew to France last year.

However, Queen Elizabeth II probably won’t be boarding your next flight. She has handed off most of her travel duties to her children and grandchildren.

The moral of the story? Traveling like a royal doesn’t always require a king-sized bank account. Here are more surprisingly frugal habits of the British royal family.

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