35 Rock Puns You Won’t Take for Granite

We're about to rock your world!

Science totally rocks, but you don’t need a PhD to appreciate a good geology pun. If you were one of those kids who played with rocks all the time—or had your own little collection—then this selection of rock puns is for you. Bask in the hilarity of geology, the great outdoors, and all things stony with these fun puns. Though if you want chemistry jokes or math jokes, we’ll have to direct you elsewhere, as this is strictly for those who want to rock out.

Not to get too sedimental, but we’re so excited to share these with you that we might shed a tear or two—from laughter, of course! When you’re done mining this list for your new favorites, click on over to these dinosaur jokes and biology jokes that are so funny, they cell themselves.

1. Geologists love music, but their playlists get boring—they’re only rock and roll.

2. Not to quarry—you’ll do great on your science exam!

3. I’m coal as a cucumber!

4. This book about rocks is a fascinating pebble-cation.

5. May the quartz be with you!

6. Beach rocks are so cheap because they’re always on shale.

7. Did you hear about the drunk geologist? He finally hit rock bottom.

8. Be patient with geologists—they all have their faults.

9. My rock collection has so much sedimental value.

10. Power to the pebble!

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I'm going to look for gems this weekend, and I may need your assi-stones. Rock punsrd.com, Getty Images

11. I may be obsessed with rocks, but that’s my pre-rock-ative.

12. You know the old saying—igneous is bliss.

13. It’s a hard rock life for us.

14. I’m going to look for gems this weekend, and I may need your assi-stones.

15. The geologist was found guilty in a quartz of law.

16. The tectonic plates just couldn’t maintain a relationship—there was too much friction between them.

17. A tour of a volcano would really magma day.

18. A geologist’s favorite fruit is the pome-granite.

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It takes a boulder person to read through this list of rock puns.rd.com, Getty Images

19. I want to make an impact on the world—I do things for the crater good of humanity.

20. It takes a boulder person to read through this list of puns.

21. There’s no halfway with a geologist—it’s all ore nothing.

22. A geologist’s favorite restaurant is the Hard Rock Cafe.

23. I’ve had a rough day, but I don’t want to chalk about it.

24. Did you see the geologist towing a crate of rocks behind his car? He had a wide lode sign.

25. The new geology teacher hasn’t had it easy—he got off to a rocky start.

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Whatever you do, always keep your coal. Rock punsrd.com, Getty Images

26. Sherrock Holmes’ famous line is: “Sedimentary, my dear Watstone.”

27. I’ll never take you for granite.

28. Whatever you do, always keep your coal.

29. I lava you so much!

30. That rock was magma before it was cool, know what I mean?

31. Oh, you were looking for rock jokes? Let’s see what we can dig up.

32. A geologist’s favorite drink is anything on the rocks.

33. The miner got sick of his job because it was just boring.

34. I’m not really hungry—I’ve lost my apatite.

35. You didn’t think these were good puns? Of quartz they were!

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