Ripe Every Time: #1 Trick of the Avocado Whisperer

It’s the magic trick for perfect avocados you’ve been looking for.

Summer is the season of avocados, and I thought I knew all the tricks: how to make them ripen faster (stick them in a brown paper bag with an apple), how to stop the ripening (pop them in the refrigerator). Yet this latest tip in avocado folklore blew my mind. After years of gently squeezing avocado after avocado to figure out when they’re perfectly ripe, I’ve finally found the foolproof tip to determine whether the fruit is creamy, luscious and green inside, or already a disappointing brown.

Seattle-based food and gardening blogger (and avocado aficionado) Erica reveals the secret on her site Northwest Edible Life: “Take a peek under the dry little button on the stem end. If it’s green, then you will be rewarded with a perfect avocado. If it’s brown, then you will find a brown slimy mess inside.”

Success is guaranteed every time. Thank you, Erica! I can’t wait to use my new knowledge in these nine delicious avocado recipes.

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