Getting Rich Doesn’t Make You Happy, But These Two Things Do

But what if you got rich by taking part in a sleep study...

vacationkudla/shutterstockPeople who say that money can’t buy happiness aren’t using money correctly (use your money this way to achieve happiness). But money, and specifically the act of spending it, will always make you less rich, and that’s where everything starts to get on the right track.

Sleep and sex—those are the two things which are guaranteed to make you much happier than getting rich, according to the Telegraph.  The research comes from a partnership between Oxford Economics and the National Centre for Social Research, commissioned by Sainsbury’s, a U.K. supermarket chain.

The “happiness index” proved to be pretty telling when looking at the joy determinants, for example, researchers found that a quadrupled salary led to only negligible increases in happiness, especially when compared to getting a good night’s sleep or having a good sex life.

The research involved polling 8,250 British adults then condensing the results. On average, someone who was satisfied with their sex life (this age group has lowest sexual satisfaction, by the way) scored seven points higher on the happiness index, but it was sleep that proved to be the biggest swing factor. Well-rested participants had an average score which was 15 points higher than their weary, poor-sleeping counterparts. Comparatively, for the households who enjoyed a quadrupled income, there was only a bump of two points.

If only there were a series of tips to improve your sex life or a series of tips to improve how well you sleep..

[Source: The Telegraph]

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