This Rainbow-Colored Town In Indonesia Is Almost Too Stunning to Be Real

You won’t want to miss these photos.

Kampung PelangiDino Geromella/ShutterstockIf you haven’t seen this colorful town yet, you’re missing out. The town of Kampung Pelangi on the island of Java in Indonesia has recently gotten a vibrant makeover. The residents were tired of their town being considered a slum and decided to make it a place that tourists would want to visit. (These other curb appeal ideas will also give your home the update it needs.)

The government budgeted Rp 300 million (4,684,311 U.S. dollars) to fund the restoration project in hopes to boost the local economy and create an attraction for tourists to visit. These bright and abundant Instagram posts prove that it worked. (Check out these unbelievable painting this one artist creates on barns.)

The small village is home to 223 houses that have all been painted a minimum of three colors. 3D drawings decorate the walls, bridges, and benches of the community.

Everyone in the town is thrilled with the results of this transformation. The economy is on the rise because locals are able to sell food and souvenirs to the rising number of tourists. This update was a social project for the town that encouraged local citizens to help improve and redecorate their community. The town hopes to extend the painting to a total of 390 houses.

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