The Product That Finally Solved My Dog’s Shedding Problem

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I'd resigned myself to a lifetime of wearing light-colored clothing to camouflage dog hair—until these clever dog-grooming gloves came into my life.

dog brushing shedding glovesCourtesy Anne FritzWhen we first brought home my eight-week-old rescue pup, Spencer, he was a tiny five-pound bundle of fur who could easily fit in one hand. The woman who rescued him told us that he was a beagle mix and that his mom had been a terrier, which seemed plausible as he had the white and brown markings of a beagle. I had remained hopeful that he would stay under 25 pounds so I could take him on airplanes with me, but Spencer grew and grew and grew until, at around 12 months, he topped out at 65 pounds.

Though he was bigger than I had originally wanted and my dreams of carrying him on a plane were dashed, Spencer was (and still is) the perfect dog for me. He’s my constant companion—friendly, sweet, (relatively) obedient—and I feel more relaxed simply by thinking of him. He’s my best buddy. There’s only one thing about him I would change: He’s still a bundle of fur (a 65-pound one!), and that fur gets everywhere.

I grew up with miniature Schnauzers, a breed that needs to be groomed and is one of the 25 dogs that don’t shed that much, so I was utterly unprepared for a dog who sheds—and a dog who sheds to this degree.

So. Much. Hair.

dog shedding glovesCourtesy Anne FritzTo combat his omnipresent hair, my husband and I stocked up on various styles of lint brushes and would brush each other off before we went to the office, out to dinner, to yoga class, and basically anywhere we wanted to look semi-presentable. We invested in vacuum cleaner after vacuum cleaner that promised to remove the dog hair from our carpets and floors, yet somehow, we still wound up with tumbleweeds of Spencer hair under our furniture on the hardwood floors. I would find his hair in places he’d never even been, like on my chair at the office or in our second car that he’d never even ridden in. Spencer would even follow us on vacation, as we would find his hair in our suitcase and on our clothes. My husband and I would joke about how Spencer was always and will always be with us even after he’s moved on to the big doghouse in the sky, because we’ll be finding his hair in our home for the rest of our lives.

I did try to do my best to keep his shedding under control, bathing him weekly and brushing him regularly with the Furminator brush that everyone at our local dog run said was the best. Both helped some, but neither seemed to truly control the problem. Besides, Spencer was not a fan of the hard metal Furminator and would run away from me whenever he saw me approaching him with it in hand. I resigned myself to the fact that I would never be able to wear black from head to toe without wanding myself with a lint brush before heading out the door.

A solution at last

pet grooming glovesvia

I can’t remember where I first saw these Delomo pet-grooming gloves—it might have been an ad on Facebook or a story that caught my eye—but once I began reading some of the 9,500 reviews giving these an average of four stars, I knew I had to have them. “Removes hair like a champ! Puppy loves it since she is allowed on the bed now!” “Brilliant and more efficient alternative to a brush,” and “GREAT for our older dogs,” are just a small sampling of the titles of the reviews. I ordered my pair and anxiously waited the two days for their arrival.

The afternoon they were delivered, I grabbed Spencer, slipped them on, and got to work. I brushed down his back, his chest, along his stomach, and up and down his legs and back haunches. I stopped a few times to remove the fur now matted in the soft silicone spikes of the gloves and got back to brushing. He stood patiently while I groomed him—it was basically like an extended petting session for him. I don’t remember Spencer ever looking so shiny.

Why they’re so awesome

dog hair glovesCourtesy Anne FritzThe number one thing that makes these gloves so effective in my experience is that they’re moldable and flexible, so I can brush every part of Spencer, including his soft underside and his long, thick, crooked tail. A metal or plastic brush doesn’t have the ability to conform to those parts of a dog’s body like these gloves do. Plus, they’re super soft, so it’s like I’m petting him—and I am, just with gloves on that remove and catch his hair. He’s happy to sit and have me pet/brush him.

Another benefit is that unlike other brushes I’ve used, the gloves don’t send his hair flying. They actually trap the hair in the gloves, which means I can use them indoors, a definite plus in the winter. And even better, the more I use them, the less he sheds. When I first got the gloves and started brushing Spencer, I would walk away with handfuls of hair. Now that I’m brushing him once or twice a week regularly, the gloves are only half full at the end.

Are my clothes free of dog hair now? I just looked down at my black cashmere sweater and I’m happy to report that yes—yes, they are!

Note: Reviewers also love these grooming gloves for cats and rabbits, but I haven’t personally tested them on an animal other than Spencer.

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