Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Secret Code Names—Revealed

We have to admit, this is pretty clever.

Meghan Duchess of Sussex and Prince HarryShutterstock

Being as famous as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, can’t be easy. No perk could replace the luxury of privacy that celebrities and other individuals thrust into the public spotlight lack.

That’s why royal aides allegedly keep Harry and Meghan’s phone numbers under secret code names. A royal source revealed to the Daily Star that the couple’s bodyguards reportedly refer to them as David Stevens and Davina Scott.

The fake names were inspired by the couple’s official titles, which share the initials DS. What’s more, Prince William and Kate Middleton allegedly go by Danny Collins and Daphne Clark for the same reason; their titles are the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Plus, these are the nicknames the royal family uses with each other.

The source also said that the truth behind the code names accidentally came out at a recent event, when Prince Harry’s aide told someone that he had a call. The aide handed him a phone that showed a code name, allegedly David Stevens.

“The chap went: ‘Why would I want to speak to him?’ Imagine the surprise he got when he heard Harry’s voice on the other end of the line,” the source says.

Using secret code names is also a matter of security. If an aide’s phone were stolen, the thief would have no idea he was in possession of a royal family member’s phone number.

Unless, you may be thinking, that thief had recently read an article revealing those all-important code names.

Luckily, the Duke and Duchess’s staff has already thought of that. According to the source, the code names are changed regularly. That information is “far too risky in the wrong hands.”

No official spokespeople for the royal family have commented on the matter, but we shouldn’t expect them to. If this is true, then a major factor in the Duke and Duchess’s safety has been exposed, and they’ll need to come up with new codenames immediately. If not, anyone who would dare attempt to find either of their phone numbers has just been sent on a wild goose chase.

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