Why Prince George and Princess Charlotte Will Probably Never Live in Buckingham Palace

For centuries, Buckingham Palace has been the residence of choice for the royal family. But there's reason to believe this won't always be the case.

Royal-FamilyREX/ShutterstockIn the coming decades, Buckingham Palace may be down a few of its most famous would-be tenants, according to Marie Claire.  Prince Charles will reportedly be opting to remain in his current residence, the Clarence House, when he becomes king. He believes that the U.K.’s most regal residence is “too large and costly for modern life.” But it doesn’t look like the tradition-ditching would stop with Charles.  (William and Kate have been known to opt out of royal traditions when it comes to education and travel, after all.)

Prince William apparently holds the same opinion as his father, preferring more “homely” surroundings as opposed to the imposing historic residence. He, Duchess Kate, and their two children all currently live in Kensington Palace and seem to be set to stay there in perpetuity. Years down the road, when Prince George eventually ascends to the throne, the tradition of living in Buckingham Palace could cease to be tradition at all. But that’s not to say that the 775-room residence will fall from use.

Under Prince Charles’ reign, Vogue noted that Buckingham Palace may play the role of “royal HQ,” and undergo a change that would make it more open, allowing tours for the public six months out of the year. It should be noted, though, that Clarence House officials contest these potential plans, saying that Buckingham Palace will remain the official Royal Residence. 

In the meantime, take a remote tour of the lavish residence with these 12 rarely seen photos of Buckingham Palace.

[Source: Marie Claire / Travel + Leisure]

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