Prince George Has an Important Role During King Charles’s Coronation

The 9-year-old prince will support his grandfather in a big way during this monumental event.

The coronation of King Charles is fast approaching, but King Charles isn’t the only royal with an important role to play. The coronation also marks a big moment for 9-year-old Prince George, who has a key responsibility in ensuring the event goes off without a hitch. The young prince, who will one day be king himself, will have his first taste of what his own future coronation might be like as he supports his grandfather on this monumental day.

What role will Prince George play in the coronation?

On May 6th, King Charles III will be coronated in a historic ceremony, and his grandson Prince George will take part in the occasion. The young prince, second in line to the throne, is set to be a Page of Honor to his grandfather.

During the coronation, King Charles and Queen Camilla will each be attended by four pages. Prince George will join three other boys as Pages of Honor to the king, while the queen will be attended to by her three grandsons and great-nephew. The eight pages will also participate in the procession through the Nave of Westminster Abbey.

While Prince George’s role is undeniably a profound honor, it also places pressure on the 9-year-old as he steps into the public eye more significantly. His parents, the Prince and Princess of Wales (or Prince William and Kate Middleton to us!), have made a point to ensure the young prince’s life maintains a sense of normalcy despite the responsibility that comes along with his lineage.

What other details about the coronation have been announced?

Buckingham Palace has officially released the invitation for the coronation of the King and the Queen Consort. The invitation, which was designed by Andrew Jamieson, features stunning floral emblems of the UK, a meadow of wildflowers and wildlife, as well as both of Their Majesties’ coats of arms. Nearly 2,000 invitations have been mailed out, and the ceremony will take place on May 6th at the legendary Westminster Abbey.

In preparation for the big event, rehearsals are currently taking place in the privacy of the palace’s ballroom, allowing all of the participants to practice the service without monopolizing Westminster Abbey, which is typically open to the public. While Prince George will likely be accompanied by his sister, Princess Charlotte, and his brother, Prince Louis, throughout their journey from Westminster Abbey back to Buckingham Palace, there has been no indication as to whether or not we can expect Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to attend the coronation.

The timing of the coronation coincides with the unveiling of a new portrait of Their Majesties from Buckingham Palace, an equally historic event.

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