I Tried the Portable Dog Water Bottle With 28,000 Fans on Amazon and I’m Never Leaving Home Without It

A portable dog water bottle is a convenient way to keep your pet hydrated, healthy and happy all summer long.

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Summertime temperatures continue rising, making it essential to keep pets (and yourself) hydrated at all times. Sure, a jug of water and dog items for the car—like a dog car hammock or travel water bowl—are certainly helpful to have on hand when adventure calls. But that bowl is not spill-proof or easily portable when traveling on foot.

Enter the MalsiPree portable dog water bottle. It’s a pet product with nearly perfect Amazon reviews and more than 28,000 glowing five-star ratings. The leak-proof portable dog water bottle keeps your hot dog hydrated at the park, during car rides or while camping. And if you don’t have a pup but know someone who does, it’s one of the best gifts for pet lovers.

What is the MalsiPree dog water bottle?

The MalsiPree portable dog water bottle is a dog water bottle and bowl all in one. It beats filling up a dog bowl or sticking a bottle of water in your tote when traveling, thanks to its leak-proof design. A silica gel seal ring keeps water from leaking when it’s not in use. This portable dog water bottle is made of high-quality food-grade material. As a top-selling portable dog water bottle, it’s a convenient gadget that shoppers love—and dogs love drinking from it.

When pups need a sip, simply click the button to dispense water into the attached bowl-slash-drinking-spout. And, you don’t have to discard what Fido doesn’t drink. Just press the button again, and water flows back into the bottle for the next thirst break—genius!

When done, flick the safety button to the left to ensure the water release button doesn’t accidentally depress. Whether you’re embarking on a long road trip or a day at the park, the MalsiPree portable dog water bottle’s unique design keeps pups happy and hydrated—no mess or extra pet items necessary.

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MalsiPree dog water bottle features

The MalsiPree comes in 19-ounce and 12-ounce bottles, but both have the same size lapping cup. I appreciate the size—it fits well in the palm of your hand, yet allows you to slip the tether over your wrist for easy, hands-free toting. I love that you only need one hand to make it work, because dog owners are usually juggling so much already! The fashionable color “bowl” top comes in pink, black or blue. I got the blue one, and it’s pretty as well as functional. The clear reservoir feels solid and lets you monitor the amount of water you have on hand.

I worried that my dog wouldn’t readily accept drinking from the cup, though—he’s kind of picky—but I was pleasantly surprised. When I presented the water bottle to my dog, Shadow, and filled the drinking reservoir, he immediately drank it up! Even my cat wanted to check it out, which tells me that it works for both flatter-faced dogs and felines. Here are some other notable features:

  • Made of durable and safe, food-grade material
  • Wide-lapping cup for canines of all sizes
  • Fits in tote bags or backpack side pockets
  • Contains attached wrist “leash” for carrying
  • Unused water flows back into the bottle
  • Silica gel seal ring and button lock prevent leaks
  • Available in two sizes: 12- and 19-ounce bottles
  • Available in three colors

How we tested it

Malsipree Hand AmyshojaiCourtesy Amy Shojai

The product arrived enclosed in a plastic sleeve and secured in a rigid cardboard box. I immediately opened the box, removed the bottle from the plastic, unscrewed the blue cup and filled it with water. After screwing the top back into place, I shook the portable dog water bottle vigorously. I wanted to see if it would leak—and it didn’t.

I showed Shadow the portable dog water bottle, first without dispensing any water. He sniffed the dry bottle thoroughly, but wasn’t particularly interested (but then again, squirrels trump anything in Shadow’s world). While he explored, I played with the bottle, filling the cup by pressing the button, and then allowing the water to flow back into the reservoir. When this happens, some residual drops remain and may dampen the surroundings where you store it, like in your purse or backpack. The base, about 10 inches in circumference, doesn’t fit in my car cup holder, which was a disappointment.

Next, I called Shadow, presented the bowl end, and pressed the button to release water into the cup. That piqued his interest. Even though he had a full bowl of water inside the house and probably wasn’t thirsty, the water running into the cup intrigued him. Within 10 seconds, Shadow lapped up all the water. After that, every time I’ve offered him water from the MalsiPree, he’s drunk the reservoir dry. I tried dropping it (not hard, just as a test) and it withstood a fall from four feet to the slate kitchen floor. So a fall in the car, on dirt or grass shouldn’t cause any problems.


  • Easy to use
  • Dog readily accepts the water
  • Leak-proof
  • Durable, BPA-free material
  • Easy-to-clean


  • Won’t fit all car cup holders
  • Hand-wash only
  • According to some reviewers, the button to close is a little stiff


How do portable dog water bottles work?

Various portable dog water bottles have different functionalities. Some have easy-to-grasp handles or cords but require a separate container for filling, while others include a reservoir with an attached cup or accessible bowl. Regardless of design, their purpose is to provide a convenient way to give your dog a drink while away from home and keep them safe in the summer.

How do you carry water while running with a dog?

If your dog has a canine backpack or other adventure gear, you can utilize it to have them carry the portable dog water bottle. Alternatively, options like the MalsiPree come with an attached cord that easily slips over your wrist, allowing for convenient transportation. You can also stow it in your own backpack or attach it to your belt, freeing up your hands during walks. For added convenience, hands-free leashes are also available that can be secured to a belt, enabling you to manage your dog’s water bottle while keeping your hands available.

Are portable dog water bottles dishwasher-safe?

Not all portable dog water bottles are dishwasher-safe. Read the product instructions to be sure, and only use the top rack when washing in the dishwasher. The MalsiPree is hand-wash only.

What other reviewers have to say

“Thank goodness for this bottle!” says verified purchaser Hroggar. “Our pup is a golden Samoyed mix and almost 7 months and 40 lbs. The 19 oz is still more than enough for her even after doubling in size. She always wants just a mouthful of water or two after a treat when we’re out so this 1 hand 1 button press mechanism makes it so convenient and fast.”

Verified purchaser OJandPJ chose the 12-ounce MalsiPree. “Our Shih-tzu is afraid of a regular bowl so we were shocked when he drank from this when we went walking. He gets hot easily so we bought this for him and he loves it. It’s great because what he doesn’t drink can go back into the holder and is very easy to use. We fill it up with cold water. Great product.”

Steve Hancock, another happy customer, loves the 19-ounce product for its convenience. “Just came back from a 18 hour car trip each way with our fur baby. This water bottle is so easy to use. I was able to reach from the front passenger seat to my pupper in the back seat and give her drinks of water as needed without spilling or wasting a drop of water. The button functions on the bottle are very easy to use. I love that whatever water I dispense into the drinking cup that my pupper doesn’t drink can easily be backfilled into the bottle for next use. I definitely recommend this pet water bottle and will repurchase as needed.”

Product comparison

Some portable dog water bottles can be challenging to handle due to their large water capacity, making them less suitable for short walks around the block. However, the MalsiPree portable dog water bottle is designed for convenient one-hand operation, allowing you to hold your pup’s leash in the other hand while they drink. It also offers the flexibility to provide a drink from the driver’s seat at a stoplight, reaching back where they’re safely secured with a doggy seatbelt, or while inside their carrier.

Not every portable dog water bottle is suitable for every dog, as it depends on the shape of their muzzle. Flat-faced breeds like Bulldogs may struggle with deep dishes, while pointy-nosed breeds like Collies can create a mess by splashing water from shallow containers. The MalsiPree drinking scoop features a wide and accessible cup that works well for almost every dog.

A few other portable dog water bottles also allow the unused water to return to the reservoir through a squeeze/suction action. However, for individuals with arthritis, the squeezing motion may pose a challenge, similar to the push-button design on the MalsiPree bottle.

Final verdict

There are some products a dog lover simply can’t leave home without, like poop bags or dog paw cleaners. The MalsiPree portable dog water bottle is another on-the-go essential, as it offers exceptional value, convenience and functionality for keeping thirsty dogs hydrated and healthy.

The product states on the box it is made of BPA-free materials. While it is not dishwasher-safe, hand washing is easy, as there are no small parts to scrub. I use a bottle brush on the inside container and it works great.

Leaking is a common concern with portable dog water bottles, but the MalsiPree has proven to be leak-free, according to my own experience and the majority of reviewers. Its ergonomic shape, loop cord and identical screw-top dispenser in both sizes make it easy to handle and carry. While some reviewers mentioned the spring-loaded button giving out after continued use, others found keeping multiple bottles on hand to be a practical solution. As someone who reviews many products, I usually pass them on, but I’ll definitely be keeping and using this water bottle.

Where to buy the MalsiPree dog water bottle

Malsipree Isolate Amyshojai3 SqCourtesy Amy Shojai

Treat your pup (and yourself) to this genius pet find before your next adventure. You can find the MalsiPree portable dog water bottle on Amazon, Walmart and Sears, where prices range from $15 to $28, depending on the size.

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