This Polly Pocket and Friends Collab Is Every ’90s Baby’s Dream Child

It may be compact, but this set features all our favorite scenes from the show

You know who will always be there for you? The characters from Friends. (Cue the theme song.)

Sure, maybe no one told you life was going to be this way. But even if your job’s a joke, you’re broke or you’re always stuck in second gear, you can always watch Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey and Ross chill in Central Perk, a place that feels a little bit like a home away from home. And now, thanks to a collaboration with the popular toy Polly Pocket, you can keep your comfort characters on display.

Are you too old for Polly Pocket? No, never. Along with ’90s cartoons, Polly Pocket toys were a rite of passage. As any true fan will tell you, you can always turn your favorite childhood toys into collector’s items. (I mean, have you seen some of those Star Wars Lego battleships?) With this recent collaboration, you can enjoy two of your favorite ’90s loves in one specialty item.

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What’s in the Polly Pocket Friends set?

Closed Friends Polly Pocket Playset Courtesy Mattel Courtesy Mattel

This ain’t your kid’s toy. It’s a toy you would’ve wanted as a kid, though.

In true Polly Pocket fashion, all the toys are packed neatly into a small compact for easy carrying and playing on the go—or just displaying in your office (we get it). The Polly Pocket Collector Friends Compact is shaped like the sort of coffee mug you’d find at the over-caffeinated friends’ favorite hangout, Central Perk.

Open the purple compact to find two iconic sets from the show. The bottom half is Central Perk, with the beloved burnt-orange couch, the lounger chair, the coffee bar, some bar stools in the back and even a stage … because we all know Phoebe needs somewhere to sing about that smelly cat!

Friends Polly Pocket Collab Resize Crop Dh Rd Courtesy Mattel PrCourtesy Mattel

The top half of the compact is a replica of the friends’ living spaces. Monica’s apartment features an image of the kitchen, living room furniture and a small balcony—perfect for spying on George Stephanopoulos. Joey and Chandler’s apartment has a kitchen, foosball table and, of course, the two recliners the dynamic duo spend two whole days in without getting up.

People your pocket-size world with mini Friends dolls, then add in all the little items that recall hilarious and significant parts of the show. All six friends are accounted for, as well as nine accessories perfect for the gang. This includes a trifle for Rachel (which we all know has a rather beefy taste); an amp, a guitar and a microphone for Phoebe; a turkey with sunglasses for Monica (Thanksgiving episode, anyone?); and a pet chicken and a miniature foosball table for Joey and Chandler.

Naturally, the set includes a table and a collection of mini mugs. Because no Friends collab would be complete without the main beverage that brings the gang together: coffee.

Where can you get this new Polly Pocket set?

Polly Pockets Friends Collab Turkey Courtesy Mattel PrCourtesy Mattel

Want to be a collector? Add this toy to your Christmas list or go ahead and snap one up right now. The Polly Pocket Collector Friends Compact is available now for $50 on Mattel’s website.

What other collaborations are in the works?

While Mattel—the creator and owner of Polly Pocket—has quite the catalog of toys to choose from, there are a few collector’s items that nostalgic ’90s babies can still enjoy.

The first is for Hocus Pocus fans. Mattel has a Little People Collector Disney Hocus Pocus Special Edition Figure Set, which includes all three Sanderson sisters from the ’90s kids movie. Display them wherever your home needs a little—ahem—hocus pocus.

If the Polly Pocket compact is a bit too much for your collection, you could just settle for the Little People Collector Friends figurines. All six of the beloved characters are included, each dressed in an outfit from the show.

And how could we forget one of the most iconic toys ever created? If you’ve seen the Barbie movie, you know that Mattel owns the Barbie universe. And it has quite a few collaborations in the works, including with Disney. You can get a set of seven Disney Princess Barbies or the Disney Little Mermaid Barbie to celebrate the recent release of Disney’s newest film.

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