If You Own Any of These Pokémon Cards, You Could Be Sitting on a Gold Mine

Were you obsessed with Pokémon as as a kid? You might want to thank your younger self, because these cards could make you rich almost instantly.

via ebay.comDig out that dusty Pokémon booster deck from the bottom of your closet. Turns out, those cards can now turn into cash—and they could be worth thousands of dollars. (And if any of these antiques are in your attic, they’re worth a lot of money, too!)

Mashable reports that your favorite card game could make you rich almost instantly. Depending on the cards’ rarity and condition, you could earn a quick $15—or close to $100,000. No kidding!

First, to increase the net worth of your cards, you’ll want to get it graded by Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA), a company that rates cards on their condition. A score of 10 means you have a perfect card, and the grades decrease from there.

Here’s the scoop on raking in some quick dough: Check your deck for an extremely rare Pokémon Illustrator card. Only 39 exist; they were given as a prize for entrants in illustration contests in 1997 and 1998. The cards sell on eBay for top dollar, netting an incredible $100,000.

Keep an eye out for misprints, too! Errors increase the net worth of a card because they are rarer, so long as they have a high PSA rating. A Japanese holographic Charizard is currently worth around $30,000 on eBay, because it doesn’t have a rarity symbol in the bottom right corner.

Shadowless holographic cards can increase the asking price to the thousands, as well. Even some common and uncommon shadowless cards with a 9 or 10 rating from PSA still sell for over $50. And what about “a plain, used, nothing-special, first generation” Pokémon card? It will still put between $1 to $3 in your pocket, Mashable says. So get selling!

And the next time you’re at a garage sale, be sure to never buy these things.

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