This Photo Can Predict If You’re a Cat or Dog Lover

Do you have a preference? This photo will tell you!

Hypothetically speaking, there could exist—somewhere in the universe—a dog and cat person. Or, heaven forbid, someone who dislikes both (an unthinkable notion). But, for the sake of the illustration below, let’s just say there are only cat lovers and dog lovers in the world. Now, take a look and make a note of the first animal you can identify. 


What did you… spot? The image, created by Ukrainian designer and illustrator Veronika Kokurina, is stylized much like a Rorschach test, thanks to its “dog or cat?” prompt. It’s a form of a projective test, a popular form of examination used in psychology which involves presenting an ambiguous form of stimuli to a subject for interpretation. The subject’s response is then used to glean information about their personality or other internal characteristics. If they love the traits of both dogs and cats, they’ll love these affectionate cat breeds. 

This particular projective doesn’t really aim to provide a deep analysis—you either see two cats or a dog. For the real dog experts out there, can you guess the breed? There’s pretty strong evidence that it’s some form of a spaniel, maybe a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. 

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