50 Pasta Puns to Spice Up Your Daily Rotini

If you love any dish that includes pasta, you're going to want to memorize these hilarious pasta puns.

If you clicked on this story, it probably means that you would be perfectly content eating pasta for every meal of the day. It might be a little hard to have it for breakfast, but hey, nothing is impastable. (If you need a smile in the morning, try out these coffee puns.) Penne, tortellini, farfalle, cavatelli, ravioli, fusilli, the list goes on and on. These pasta puns are perfect for when it comes time to search for a funny Instagram caption for the photo you snapped of your Cacio e pepe that you ordered or if you’re trying to convince your family to have pasta for the third night in a row for dinner. If they reject your dinner idea, try out these pizza puns or food pick-up lines for some more laughs while deciding on your meal. Also, make sure to try out these cheese puns when referring to those extra creamy pasta dishes.

Pasta puns

  • I walked right pasta and didn’t even notice!
  • Life is full of pasta-bilities.
  • Can you pasta sauce please?
  • This too shall pasta.
  • You mac me smile.
  • Pasta la vista, baby.
  • Sadly, they pasta way.
  • I’m feeling saucy.
  • A life without noodles seems im-pasta-ble.
  • The pasta few days have been so warm.
  • That’s pre-pasta-rous!
  • That fake noodle is an impasta!
  • You’re pasta-tively amazing.
  • You pasta your test!

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You and I are Ramen to be.rd.com, Getty Images

Noodle puns

  • Ramen to that!
  • I’m a pho-natic!
  • I am tortellini in love with you.
  • Look, a lambourguini!
  • I’m such a hopeless ramen-tic.
  • Noodles are part of my daily rotini.
  • No need to be ravi-lonely, I’m here.
  • I’m crazy pho noodles!
  • I cannelloni do so much
  • Don’t make fusilli mistakes.
  • That is tortellini awesome!
  • Don’t judge me because udon know me.
  • It cost a pretty penne.
  • Girls just want to have pho!
  • I cannelloni laugh at my mistakes.
  • A penne saved is a penne earned.
  • That made me laugh so hard I’m ravioling on the floor.
  • You and I are Ramen to be.
  • Penne for your thoughts.

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Like unrinsed spaghetti, good friends stick together.rd.com, Getty Images

Spaghetti puns

  • We’re all spaghetting older.
  • Come and spaghet it.
  • Spaghett out of my way!
  • You just spaghet-me!
  • The battle of spaghettisburg.
  • Spaghett hype.
  • Like unrinsed spaghetti, good friends stick together.
  • I get upsetti without my spaghetti.

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I’m not stroganoff to beat him.rd.com, Getty Images

Italian food puns

  • I’m not stroganoff to beat him.
  • Just gnocch-ing around.
  • I’m a ziti slicker.
  • The pesto’s yet to come.
  • You’re the ravi-only one for me.
  • About a cup orzo of water should do.
  • I’m so gnocchi to have you.
  • There’s a capellini-er but I think we’ll need to buy some more.
  • A breath of fresca air.

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