Yes, Being “Overeducated” Is a Thing—and Here’s Why It’s Leading to Poor Productivity

It might explain why you feel "stuck" in your current job.

You’re sitting at your desk, it’s 3 p.m., and you have nothing to do. Your tasks for the day have wrapped and you sit there twiddling your thumbs, sitting wedged between the rock of boredom and the hard place of not wanting to get caught watching Netflix at your desk for the remaining two hours. (But remember, the last 10 minutes of work can be super productive.)

You may feel as though you are overqualified for the position, you may feel like your workload is below you, you may feel positively stuck. But you’re not alone. You may just be “overeducated.”

A new study from the Institute for Public Policy Research analyzed workers in the United Kingdom and found that 5.1 million people in the workforce were found to be overeducated, a significant bump from 3.9 million number recorded in 2006.

The term overeducated applies to workers who feel that their full skill-set is not being utilized in their current position. One-third of employers found stated that they did not feel that they were fully using their employees’ skill sets.

According to the Sky News, the study “warned the mismatch of skills and jobs could contribute to another ‘lost decade’ of stalled productivity and falling wages.”

For those feeling overeducated in the U.K., there’s always hope that you could work for the Royals, after all, they’re hiring on LinkedIn right now!

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